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4 products

The White Lotus serums are perhaps the most natural available on the market today. Please read below to find out why.


All White Lotus serums use only organic green tea oil infused with up to five herbs specifically chosen to enhance the anti-aging, scar reduction of stretch mark removal targeted.

The ingredients are always organic where available and are all natural plants.

They are listed on each of the products page so you can peruse them before you buy.

Please note the lack of water. Many popular cosmetic brands are actually 80% water, but under naming laws they are allowed to list this ingredient last even if it makes up most of the cream.

The organic green tea oil is one of the most amazing anti-aging products on the market. It is created by crushing the seeds of the camellia plant which produces green tea.

Why Use our serums with the derma roller?

The serums can either be used with skin needling or as stand-alone products.

The major reasons to use them when performing skin needling are -

1. Increase the effectiveness of the treatment by nourishing the cells and increasing the cell nutrition required to repair the skin.
2. Reduce the dryness caused by the skin needling. Oil based serums moisturise in a way water based creams simply cant.
3. Green tea extracts reduce the sensitivity to sunlight, which is a common side-effect of derma roller treatments.
Serum certification

All of our serums are over 85% organic and many are now certified through the Soil Association, which is the largest certification group in Europe.

All our serums are certified by the Vegan Society. They contain no animal products and do not use animal testing. This also naturally makes all our serums Halal as they contain no animal products.

Green tea oil Research

• Green tea has a fantastic rejuvenative effect on the skin. Applied to the skin it can prevent and repair UV damage as well as preventing the damage UV radiation can cause to DNA. It can also decrease acne outbreaks and was recently shown to be more effective than the most popular 21 anti-aging herbs used in Europe. (1,2)
• The high doses of polyphenols found in the oil are some of the most effective antioxidant compounds currently known. (3)
• The strong antimicrobial properties of the oil make it ideal for use with skin needling (4).
• Green tea oil has shown ant proliferative properties against three of the major known forms of cancer. (3)

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