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Gua Sha

White Lotus have been promoting their original chemical free gua sha tool since 2004 along with the benefits of gua sha and their signature gua sha facial ritual. They have 30% more genuine crystal than other brands.

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A gua sha treatment is very beneficial as a form of facial massage using a facial oil and long gentle strokes to the surface of the skin.

The White Lotus gua sha technique has been perfected and taught worldwide to home users and therapists for almost two decades. You gently scrape the skin with the smooth edged sides of the massage tool to promote healing.

Gua sha helps with little or no side effects if performed correctly:

  • Blood Flow
  • Fine Lines and wrinkles
  • De Puff
  • Lymphatic Drainage

Be sure to check out our instructional videos on the product pages to learn the correct way to use your gua sha tool and also professional gua sha course for professionals.

Take the gua sha crystal quiz to see what crystal type is correct for your unique skin type, chakra or meridian.

Check out the 5 step Crystal Facial and the Organic Green Tea Face Oil to be used with gua sha for great results.