Our Mission

White Lotus has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This medicine system is the largest and most well-preserved traditional medicine system in existence today.

Parallel to the medical system was a complex and elegant cosmetic system. This system incorporated the holistic understanding of the body into a rich tapestry of beauty treatments designed to work with the body and enhance health and improve appearance.

The use of this cosmetic system is first recorded over 2,000 year ago. This has allowed plenty of time for its continual evolution and the removal of any practices that don’t work. What this means is that the system is thoroughly tested on humans to show spectacular results and no side-effects over generations.

White Lotus’s sole purpose is to bring these ancient beauty secrets of the Far East to a Western audience. In doing so, however we are not naïve to the busy lifestyle demands we all now experience in the west. All our products therefore have to be simple and convenient to use. This sometimes involves small adaptions of the traditional practice to allow convenient use. As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine ourselves these are done with sympathy to the original system to ensure the continuation of the outstanding results.

White Lotus has also adopted a highly ethical approach to product development. White Lotus is now a pioneer in the incorporation of organic Chinese herbs into our products. This has now been recognised by the Soil Association the largest Organic certification body in Europe.

White Lotus products are also put the certification process of the Vegan society to ensure that no animal products or animal testing is involved in the production of most products.

To learn more about the wide range of products now available please browse our products page or contact us if you have any unanswered questions.