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Jade Crystal Facial

The Jade Crystal Facial is the best match for you

Please scroll through the sections below to better understand how the jade crystal has been uniquely selected for you.

  • Jade Crystal for your Skin Type
  • Jade Crystal for your Acupuncture meridians
  • Jade Crystal for your Chakras

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Skin Type - Jade Crystal is Suitable for oily, blemish and acne prone skin

Jade is a wonderful stone for skin that is oily blemish or prone to acne, blackheads and other blemishes. This means it is often the perfect crystal for many younger people or simply people who’s skin has higher natural oil content. If you have oily skin you may often experience greasy skin regardless of the season. You may experience frequent outbreaks and or have large and visible pores.

Jade has a natural clearing and detoxifying nature that helps it clarify and brighten the skin. In Chinese medicine acne and inflammation are usually caused by what is described as heat in the body either in the blood or in the surface level of the skin. Jade is a naturally cooling stone which helps clear this heat from the body. Its focus is more specific than some other crystals such as clear quartz which can be applied to all skin types.

By selecting jade your bespoke crystal facial will help clear and illuminate your at times oily or acne prone skin.

Learn more about performing the Jade Crystal Facial at home

Acupuncture Meridian - Jade is connected to the Liver Meridian and Wood Element

Jades green colour and properties lead it to being linked to the liver in Chinese medicine with its paired organ the Gall bladder. It is worth noting that jade is also associated with the heart both in western culture and Chinese culture and so some of the properties of jade overlap both these organs.

In Chinese medicine the liver is the organ responsible for the smooth flow of qi (energy) and blood around the body. This smooth flow of qi is connected to a smooth flow of the emotions around the body. It is the organ most quickly affected by excessive stress or emotions.

Sadly it is something of a given in most Chinese medicine clinics that in the modern day you can give subscriptions for ‘liver qi stagnation' all day and have the correct diagnosis more often than not.

This ability of the liver to control the smooth flow of qi and blood around the body means that any stagnation in the liver can quickly lead to menstrual issues in women. In particular premenstrual tension and pain are closely associated with liver qi and blood stagnation.

Liver stagnation attacking upwards is also a common pattern. In this case the liver usually attacks the digestion first leading to stomach and digestive issues.

In Chinese medicine the organs are not fixed physical objects as in western medicine but rather represent a system of correspondences that from the 5 main organs influence every aspect of the body.

The eyes are the sensory organ related to the Liver. If you have any eye issues, including blurry vision, red or dry eyes, itchy eyes, it may be a sign deep down that your Liver is not functioning smoothly.

In fact unexplained red eyes in Chinese medicine are often diagnosed as liver qi stagnation which has become so severe it has turned to fire. This is an analogy that easily crosses the cultural understanding without extra explanation.

The tendons are the tissue associated with the Liver. Any tendon issues are ascribed to issues with the liver and the wood element in the body.

Each organ also has a taste associated with it. In the case of the liver it is sour. Traditionally foods with a lot of vinegar are often prescribed when the liver energy is not flowing smoothly. White wine also can make a more enjoyable substitute and is often recommended in China for this purpose (in small doses of course).

Anger is the emotion associated with the liver. If you are feeling emotional, angry or frustrated it is usually a good sign that the liver is not functioning at its best.

It is worth noting that unlike the the kidneys which tend towards deficiency and are better supported with a purely nourishing stone like amethyst the liver is often excessive and creates heat often described as inflammation in the body.

When looking at the skin jade is an excellent crystal for clearing a variety of excesses from the skin making it the ideal stone to assist oily skin and or acne prone skin.

Learn more about performing the Jade Crystal Facial at home

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Chakra - Jade Benefits the Heart Chakra

Jade like rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. It is not as well known as rose quartz for balancing the heart chakra but none the less effective.

The ancient Chinese considered it a stone of purity and longevity. It has a strong detoxifying property on the skin and helps cleanse impurities in the body.

The heart chakra is considered the bridge between the lower more materialistic chakras and the higher more spiritual ones. Cleansing and unblocking this chakra can help us more readily give and receive love in our lives as well as importantly love and cherish ourselves.

As this chakra clears people find they can experience deeper compassion and empathy for others and themselves.

The colour of the heart chakra is green rather than pink as many would expect. Jade is the perfect stone to help cleanse and unblock this chakra where issues either from childhood or more recent romantic issues have allowed it to become blocked and interfered with your ability to actively give and receive love in your life.

Learn more about performing the Jade Crystal Facial at home

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