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The White Lotus Hair Loss Microneedling Kit is Perfect for you

Scientifically Proven

Studies have shown that microneedling in conjunction with the correct solution can dramatically increase hair regrowth.


Why this Pack?

Your answers show that this pack will be ideal to help restore healthy growth.

The pack contains the 1.0mm dermastamp which is the prefect length to pass through remaining hair in the area to stimulate the scalp.

Stamps are far more effective than dermarollers to assist hair loss as unlike rollers no hair becomes trapped in the axle and torn out.

The stamp is complemented by the saw palmetto and he shou wu treatment spray. These herbs were used for centuries to reduce hair loss and modern research has confirmed their rejuvenating properties.

The final component of the pack is the natural dermastamp cleaner. This cleaner kills 99.99% of bacteria and reduces the risk of bacteria growth on the stamp between treatments.

Before and After of a 37 year old man after using the White Lotus skin needling treatments

Want More?

Hair Loss Pillowcase

Tired of waking up with hair on your pillow? The problem is cotton. It creates friction against the hair at night while you sleep. The tears out weak hair leaving your hair looking thinner.

Silk is friction-less so does not tear out this hair. It also contains unique proteins which coat and protect the hair to strengthen it.

This is one of the easiest most effective techniques available to assist hair loss.


Silk Lined Caps

The silk lined cap reduces friction so that weak or thinning hair is not torn out by rough surfaces.

The silk is also anti bacterial and anti fungal to reduce odours when sweating and exercising.

Importantly the cap looks just like any other cap with no distinctive marks so no one will know you are worried about thinning hair