"I have found the Gua Sha, Jade roller and cupping DVD very informative, providing amazing demonstrations and information. The quality of products are great!!"

Rachel Roberts
Beauty Of Arcadia

“I trained with White Lotus Anti Aging in Holistic Microneedling and their training left me feeling entirely comfortable and confident about delivering Microneedling as a Treatment.  It is the most effective Anti Ageing Treatment I offer.  After following their Holistic procedures and using their products the down time is minimal to non existent which is great for clients. Whenever I have had questions they have always got back to me quickly with detailed answers which I really appreciate.  I love their Biopolymer, metal free Dermarollers.  No one else is making these. I love the fact that I can make clients feel relaxed and comfortable without the  use of anaesthetic creams, even while working to a depth of 1mm.   I have spoken to colleagues who have not trained with White Lotus who are amazed that I can do this.   I have looked at the various dermapens that are on the market now and other similar instruments but I haven’t found anything else that I feel offers me as much control or accuracy as the White Lotus Holistic Microneedling Techniques and their Biopolymer Derma Rollers.  I can’t recommend their products, their training or them as a Company highly enough.”

Norah McCullagh
Pure Face Works
Devon, U.K

“White Lotus company has been reliable and honest wholesale supplier in our Scandinavian online business for years. We and  our customers have been always very happy for the quality of their goods and the knowledge they have in this area of business. Security of supply and service also have been always first class and worth of mentioning."

Beleco Group Oy