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About our Crystal

With the rise in popularity of crystal beauty tools like the jade roller have come questions about the quality of the crystal used and how ethically it is sourced.

White Lotus has been a key supplier of quality crystal beauty tools since 2007. Below we discuss what makes White Lotus crystal different and what to look for in a quality crystal beauty tool.

We focus on the jade as the jade roller is by far the most popular crystal beauty tool at present but the principles apply to all crystal rollers, crystal gua sha and crystal combs.

The key points to consider:

  1. Are the crystals you are buying genuine crystals?
  2. Are the crystals ethically sourced?
  3. What is the environmental impact of mining crystals?
  4. Are the crystals chemically treated after mining changing their composition?
White Lotus Genuine Crystal

1. Are the crystals you are buying genuine crystals?

This issue came to prominence several years ago when it was revealed that many jade rollers were using false jade instead of real jade in their jade rollers.

This then lead to a confusing debate about the difference between jadeite and nephrite a summary of which can be found here.

As White Lotus has been supplying genuine jade rollers for many years we were approached by a variety of large retailers to supply their crystal products after it was revealed they had inadvertently been selling fake crystal.

These large high street retailers had already realised the key problem. It is very hard to tell real jade from fake. One identifying factor is that false jade colour tends to fade more quickly especially when exposed frequently to water.

The best assurance is a quality seller who stands behind the quality of the crystals they sell. White Lotus is always happy to have its crystal products geologically assessed for assurance and stands behind all its crystal beauty tools with a unique lifetime quality guarantee.

White Lotus ethically sourced crystal

2. Are the crystals ethically sourced?

This has become a major issue for the crystal industry in recent years with several well-known publications highlighting exploitative labour practices in many of the less affluent areas in which crystals are abundant.

White Lotus has been sourcing and selling crystal beauty tools for over 15 years. We have well-placed suppliers who work directly with the mines in China to ensure quality ethical production.

Jade is extremely precious in China with some types selling for more than gold per gram. The cost and the even greater cultural value placed on jade in China has meant the industry is heavily regulated by the government with strict standards being applied to the mining process and the mines undergoing constant inspections to ensure they adhere to all regulations including labour laws.

To provide full transparency we have included a video to demonstrate the process of mining jade in one of the mines we directly source our crystal from. The mine adheres to current safety standards and all employees are well compensated for their work.

By providing this information we hope the thousands of clinics and individuals we supply worldwide can answer these questions with confidence in the products they sell and use.

chemical free crystal

3. What is the environmental impact of mining crystals?

This is a good question and one White Lotus has been deeply concerned about for some time. There is no way around the fact that mining creates environmental damage. We are all complicit in it as we use the metals for our cars, homes, mobile phones and now crystals.

So how do we minimise this impact?

In addition to sourcing, the most well-run mines White Lotus has tried to address this by reducing the disposability in the industry.

As the market for crystal beauty tools boomed recently there was a strong trend towards low quality poorly made rollers that were simply thrown away as their flimsy metal brackets broke.

Given the toll all these processes take on the earth White Lotus believed this was a poor and unsustainable process.

It prompted White Lotus to introduce its unique lifetime guarantee on all its crystal beauty products. This provides benefit both to the users of the White Lotus products and to the environment as less crystal needs to be mined.

This is unique in the industry and reflects White Lotus’s desire to create products of such quality that they last a lifetime.

White Lotus believes that like all mined minerals the earth's supply is limited. By creating jade rollers of high enough quality they will last a lifetime we believe we minimalise the impact these products produce on the world.

3. Are the crystals chemically treated after mining changing their composition

Chemical treatment of crystals is an insidious but sadly common practice in the crystal industry. Chemical treatment is used to make the crystals easier to carve and to enhance the colours of poor quality crystals.

This practice saves the producer money but ultimately alters the chemical composition of the crystals. This is especially concerning for those who are interested in the energetic properties of the crystals as they have been altered and diminished.

For a full discussion of this process and the grades of crystal please see our blog ‘Chemical Treatment of Crystal’.

At no stage does the White Lotus crystal undergo any chemical treatment to soften the crystal or improve its colour. The natural properties of the crystal are respected and maintained throughout the process.

The jade crystal is hand carved in the traditional way by professional artisans before being expertly wrapped (without the use of plastic) ready for delivery to your home or clinic.