Worlds First Metal Free Biopolymer Dermaroller  White Lotus

Worlds First Metal Free Biopolymer Dermaroller

White Lotus Introduces World First Biocompatible Polymer Derma Roller That Helps In Micro Needling- The Finest Method To Avoid Anti-Ageing.

Anti-aging options are endless. Various treatments available in the market are often not preferable due to post-effects that they offer. Putting an end to all such worries, White Lotus brings forward the first medical derma roller that can be used for the purpose of biocompatible polymer microneedling. Revealing the best opportunity for one to get rid of problems like stretch marks, cellulite, anti aging and scarring -this product is indeed a celebrated one. 


  • Highly Effective Results: The product has been proved to produce an excellent result. Using this product on a regular basis can stimulate up to 1,000 natural collagen in the skin. Added to that, it also enables the skin to become adept enough to absorb products up to 10,000 times. 
  • No Artificial Interference: The product has been manufactured in compliance with best possible manner and does not contain any sort of harmful chemical or toxic input that can cause damage to the skin.
  • Least Side Effect Involved: This product guarantees no side effect on the skin. The process remains extremely smooth and safe as the hypoallergenic nickel and the metal-free system of derma roller is uniquely prepared.
  • Single Mould: The micro-needle, the main part of the machine, is made held by only one mould with a biocompatible polymer. This ensures strength and stability to a great extent. 
  • Comes In a Protective Case: The product comes with a protective case in a bid to protect the microneedles that remain at the head of the roller. Moreover, each and every needle is especially machine- sterilized, previously tested for safety, and secured in tamper evident packs.

With the development of various treatments in the market, people are often exposed to inferior products ultimately resulting into severe effect on the skin. White Lotus evolves to diminish the lack of authentic anti-ageing treatment.

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