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Article: Why are Celebrities flocking to White Lotus Crystal?

Why are Celebrities flocking to White Lotus Crystal?

Why are Celebrities flocking to White Lotus Crystal?

It is sometimes hard to judge the quality of the crystal rollers and Gua Sha you see on line. Perhaps a good test is to check which brand is being used by those who make their living from their appearance.

White Lotus has seen a huge upsurge in actors, models and other celebrities trying and actively promoting the use of our crystal products through their social media.

So what is drawing these celebrities to the White Lotus brand? The feedback we are getting can be summarised into several key points 

  1. The rollers and Gua sha are quality products - When you rely on your face for your income you are not going to risk it with jade rollers made with this wire brackets that can break easily and scratch the skin.
  2. The crystal is never chemically treated - Most crystal rollers, Gua Sha and crystal combs on the market are chemically treated before carving. This makes them softer and easier to carve as well as artificially brightening the colour of low quality crystals. This saves manufacturers money but changes the composition of the crystal reducing their true life affirming qualities.
  3. The Lifetime Guarantee - Crystals are personal items and if well made can last a lifetime. This is better for your wallet but also better for the environment and at odds with our unnecessarily wasteful throw away culture.
  4. Knowledge - White Lotus is set up and run by practitioners who used these products for many years in clinic. White Lotus provides detailed instructions both in videos and books and provides ongoing expert support to ensure you get the best out of your crystal products.
  5. The Silk Lined Box - The silk lining is a traditional way of preserving jade crystal to protect its energetic properties. The boxes are sturdily designed to protect a crystal product designed to last a lifetime.

To learn more about celebrities who are using the products and what they have to say about them please visit our media page.

For those of you in a rush below is a quick list of those who have been using the product this month.

When celebrities who live and die by the quality of their skin are advocating a brand, over lesser models the question you have to ask yourself is “is my skin any less valuable?”

Tallia Storm

Bethan Wright

Carolina Olivera

Alex Murphy

Rafeala Huguenin

Karla Kulhmann

Stevie Ruffs

Domenica Nepomuceno

Glow Girl Jo Freeman

Estee Lalonde

Annie Jaffrey

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