What is Collegenease and how does Dermarolling Improve Scars?  White Lotus

What is Collegenease and how does Dermarolling Improve Scars?

In everything you read about skin needling/ microneedling all you hear about is how it can dramatically increase collagen production. Many of you must have wondered then how just creating more collagen will improve existing scars where the existing collagen is clearly damaged.
There is a missing step that does not make as effective advertising but is equally important.
When the needles pass through the skin they naturally activate the bodies own wound healing response. In nature when the skin is cut or broken before a new layer of skin (collagen) can be formed the body must first remove the damaged skin that is in the area to allow smooth healing.
It does this by releasing a group of enzymes called collagenease. These enzymes actually break down the damaged collagen that is at the edge of cuts allowing the skin to repair correctly.
In more minor skin penetration such as skin needling these enzymes are also present in small quantities.
Healthy skin has collagen fibres aligned in a web like formation with the fibres running perpendicular to each other. In scar tissue and stretch marks these fibres have changed direction and actually all run parallel. This is what gives the skin the scarred appearance.
In addition to creating a new smooth layer of collagen, skin needling also breaks down these misaligned collagen fibres so breaking down scar and stretch mark tissue.

So not only can a dermaroller increase new collagen production by up to 1,000% it is also helping get rid of old unattractive skin cells as well.
Now you know the secret of why micro needling works so well for scars and stretch marks.

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