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Use Organic Health and Beauty Products

Want to employ a healthy beauty regimen to meet all your skin and hair care needs then start with natural, organic products.

Organic VS Chemically Designed Products

Organic beauty products is exactly what the name says it to be, it is natural and contains no ingredients that may have adverse effects.

These natural ingredients are very good for the good health of your hair and skin and contain natural vitamins and essentials.

So what makes chemically enhanced beauty products such a bad idea?

Chemicals that are not natural my include the likes of alcohol, , parabens, glycol and several other that we can’t even really pronounce let alone understand what they do. The ingredients that may be contained in certain beauty products may be that way in order to bring about faster results preserve or create a fast temporary effect. However, these ingredients may be harsh on the skin or result in allergic reactions. These are some of the ingredients that spark doubt in cosmetics and beauty products:


These are usually used as a preservative and to prevent bacteria from developing, it is incorporated in certain foods and especially in beauty products. Parabens have been around for many years, even as early as the 50’s and were deemed safe for a very long time. Research show that only as late as the 90’s, have studies shown adverse side effects stemming from Parabens, however there is also no concrete evidence that makes Parabens the culprit of certain cancer cells.

DBP (Dybutyl Phthalate)

The ingredient is soluble in alcohol such as benzene or ethanol. It is often used in nail polishes because of its durability, as well as an ingredient in certain hair products. It has been banned within Europe and some other countries. Some tests have shown it to interfere with hormone reproduction.


PEG’s or Ethylene Glycol Polymeres are present in many products especially moisturizers as it is known to moisturizes, increase absorbency as well as keep the actual product stable. It can be made up of several quantities of substances and can cause irritation. Fragrance This is one of the most brow raising of them all. Fragrance is used in a wide range of skin and hair care products. This ingredient by law is not necessary to disclose as this may include the company or manufacture’s trade secrets. Fragrance may conceal an ingredient that may be harmful when used over a long period.

What’s The Best Options For A Natural Regimen?

Products that are more oil based would have no need for preservatives as would water based products and thus a better option if you wanted to steer clear from the ingredients such as parabens and other possibly dodgy ingredients. Certain products contain an ingredient that is called “fragrances” and in that alone may refer to various, however, not compulsorily to reveal it entirely.


If you feel that all these ingredients are too confusing and just want to play it safe, then stick to organic or natural beauty products, but always bear the expiry date in mind.