Buy a Jade Roller or Rose Quartz Facial Roller?  White Lotus

Buy a Jade Roller or Rose Quartz Facial Roller?

A common question we are frequently asked is whether to buy a jade facial roller or a Rose Quartz Roller. Below we will go through this questions point by point to help you with your decision.

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The Difference Between the Jade and Rose Quartz Crystals

Both jade crystal and Rose Quartz are non porous and so are hygienic for use on the skin unlike some softer stones. Neither will absorb the products applied to the skin with the treatment and so can both be easily cleaned.

Jade Rollers including the White Lotus jade roller are traditionally made from the nephrite jade which has been mined in four key regions of China for several thousand years. This is distinct from the cheaper serpentine stone sometimes called ‘false jade’ from India and and Afgan region which is much softer and easier to carve. False jade tends to leach out its colour over time which is often the first time customers realise they have actually purchased false jade.

Jade Rollers are traditionally hand carved by expert artisans. The jade is soft enough that if worked by skilled hands it can be transformed into beautiful rollers of jade with minimal breakage. Be careful when buying a jade roller that the jade is not chemically treated. This is a bit of modern industry trickery as it alters the chemical composition of the stone making it softer, easier to carve and therefore cheaper to produce. Having thus altered the chemistry of the crystal the properties of the treatment of course also change.

Rose Quartz is a harder and more brittle crystal than jade and so is harder to carve. It is more prone to shattering during the carving process. This more than the cost of the raw crystal is the main reason that genuine rose quartz rollers are more expensive than jade rollers.

Once carved the rose quartz crystal produces an almost mirrored surface it is so smooth. Again be ware of merchants who are chemically treating their rose quartz crystals to make them easier to carve. This process alters the chemistry of the crystal and is not recommended for crystal rollers that will spend a lot of time in contact with your skin.

Spiritual Properties Rose Quartz and Traditional Beliefs About Jade

Jade was the traditional stone of beauty, wealth and power in ancient China. Its rarity and the difficulty extracting it led it to be more expensive than gold in ancient China. Men wore brooches of jade to symbolise their position and indirectly their wealth. Women of influence and power wore jade articles in their hair, used jade combs and nurtured their skin with jade rollers and jade Gua Sha tools.

The ancient Chinese had a different understanding of the lines and wrinkles we all develop. Their traditional spiritual systems and fortune telling were more interwoven with every day life. As part of these systems Traditional Chinese face reading believed every blemish on the face reflected different aspects of a persons health and fate. Marks in different parts of the face represented problems at different ages of life and different wrinkles represented health problems with different organs.

We may not share all these beliefs today but it is important to understand that by reducing the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes on their faces many ancient Chinese actually believed they were not only improving their appearance but they may also be transforming their health and potentially their fate.

Against this back ground it is easy to see how seriously these anti aging techniques were taken and why an effective beauty tool like the jade roller would become so valuable.

Qi or energy was considered the source of all energy and healthy qi would be reflected in radiant skin. The modern push to reaffirm the connection between health and beauty would not have been lost on the ancient Chinese. Jade rollers were essentially believed to improve healthy qi flow in the area as well as balancing the opposing forces of yin and yang.

This belief in the use of jade rollers to enhance qi flow explains several facets of the jade roller’s use and production even today.

On the face qi was believed to flow from left to right so all treatments would start on the left hand side and then continue to the right hand side to enhance this natural flow. All treatments also rolled upwards and outwards to lift the qi (think sagging skin) and stretch the skin outwards.

The rollers were always made with brass brackets as this metal was believed to better conduct qi so the connection between the hand and the face was not lost. The rollers and Gua Sha were also stored in silk lined boxes not only as a further affirmation of wealth and luxury but as it was also believed to have better qi flow than other materials.

Rose Quartz was not traditionally used to make facial beauty rollers. Having said that rose quartz has a long tradition of association with beauty and love in European and Northern African traditions.

Spiritually rose quartz is considered a stone of love. It is believed to promote unconditional love, open the heart and create harmony in relationships. This use of the crystal as a stone of love seems to be common to the ancient Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian and Greek cultures and can be traced back to at least 600BC.

Rose quartz crystal is commonly mentioned in legends. In an ancient Greek tale, rose quartz was actually given to humankind by Eros and Cupid in the hope that its beautiful pink colour would inspire love and desire. In another ancient Egyptian legend Isis used rose quartz to invigorate her divine youth and beauty.

Both crystals have inspired humans for thousands of years and while rose quartz has only more recently been used in beauty rollers it is easy to see why it is such an appealing option.

Rose Quartz Roller and Jade Roller Design

Skilled artisans can now create a variety of roller designs with both crystals. Whichever crystal you choose it is important to make sure that thicker brass brackets are used. Don’t buy rollers that use the thin wire brackets which easily break and often contain jagged edges that can tear the skin.

If you are a traditionalist make sure genuine silk is used in the box. This is very rare as even most rollers claiming to use silk lined boxes use fake silk which is hard for the unskilled eye to detect.

Beyond this the most important thing is to choose a design that appeal to you and you will want to keep using long after any fancy marketing has faded from your memory.

Jade Facial Roller Rolling Techniques and Rose Quartz Roller Results

From a purely mechanical perspective both can be used in a very similar way. The ancient Chinese produced very detailed patterns the rollers should be rolled in to produce the best results. These are demonstrated on the White Lotus DVDs available with all crystal roller packs.

These patterns were not designed for the rose quartz rollers but can be applied to these more modern rollers with equally good results

From a western medical perspective both jade rollers and rose quartz rollers with improve micro-circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and lift tired, sagging skin. Both will visibly enhance the appearance with a small amount of effort, in an pleasant way.

Different users believe one or the other works better based on personal beliefs and experiences but from as objective a position as possible both will delivery fabulous results if used regularly.

Conclusion - Jade Roller VS Rose Quartz Roller

Both jade rollers and rose quartz rollers will visibly improve the quality of the skin. Both crystals have long and venerable histories of aesthetic use. If produced correctly both will last a lifetime and provide a beautiful and enjoyable touch of luxury to any beauty regime.

The decision really comes down to personal choice. The jade rollers are the more traditional roller bearing a long and well documented history of successful use in China. The Rose Quartz rollers are a more modern adaption of a traditional stone of love to the beauty program. Ultimately you should buy whichever most appeals to you and which you are most likely to use daily to achieve the superb results on offer.

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