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Things to Know About Dermarollers

Dermarollers have become more and more prominent lately in the world of skin care, but what exactly is it that they do? A dermaroller is a small wheel with tiny surgical needles attached. The needles come in different lengths, depending on your needs. There is also a similar product called a dermastamp, which is a flat surface with the needles attached. A dermastamp is good for smaller, more precise areas, while the dermaroller can cover larger areas of the face and body for treatment.

Dermarollers create micro channels in the skin through the small abrasion of the needle, which allows any skin care products that are applied afterward to absorb much more easily. This level of micro trauma also induces collagen production by stimulating the skin cells. This can be used for anti aging, scar treatment, and just improving the overall quality of the skin, among other things. The derma roller has been tested and proven to produce results by many different drug and medical studies. There are also many skin care and beauty experts that swear by the derma roller for improving the quality of the skin and reducing damage from scars, cellulite, and other skin issues.

Many people are intimidated of the derma roller because of the needles. Although they are quite small, many are concerned that using the derma roller will be very painful. Small needles are generally not painful at all when used correctly.

There are specific derma rolling techniques that should be used to avoid skin damage. Make sure to place your index finger on top of the handle of the derma roller during use. This creates downward pressure, which creates the most efficient micro channels and allows your skin care products to penetrate most efficiently. Also, this downward pressure is the most comfortable way to use a derma roller.

It is also extremely important that the needles of the derma roller are sharp and high quality. If the needles are too blunt, you will run the risk of tearing the skin and doing permanent damage. If you have more questions about using a derma roller, they come with complete instructions for use, or you can consult your dermatologist.

Overall, derma rollers are a great way to improve your skin quality regardless of what products you are using with it. However, needling is a holistic process, and for maximum results, one should use high quality organic and natural products with the derma roller. Using harsh chemicals may clear up skin problems quickly, but in the long run they will be damaging to your skin. Investing in the highest quality derma roller you can, as well as natural skin products, is a quick and effective way to work towards improving your skin quality in the long run.