The Truth About The Water In Moisturisers.  White Lotus

The Truth About The Water In Moisturisers.

The beauty industry is constantly revealing new products that promise healthy skin that is left looking rejuvenated, younger and feeling softer. It seems every month there is a new product that utilizes breakthrough ingredients or technology used to sale you another cream or cleansers. There are a number of misconceptions about what can actually help and benefit your skin when in actuality there is not secret ingredient or magic potions. All natural ingredients will give you the healthy looking skin you want and what many on the market skin care products are not providing you.


What many people often do not realize is that the cream moisturisers they purchase, that claims to rehydrate your skin, actually do very little to hydrate more than the outer layer of skin. These cream products are made with oil in water solutions and often times contain up to 80% of water and very little oil. This high water ration is what gives your skin that instant smooth feeling and look. These effects are short lasting, which often requires constant application.  Contrary to what you may think these high levels of water can aid in damaging your skin even further.


There are two main ways that this water in moisturisers is actually damaging your skin further instead of helping it. The water in these cream moisturizers never actually penetrates the lower skin layers. Because your skin is waterproof this water just sits on the outer layer of skin softening it and eventually evaporates. There are two ways the use of these cream moisturizers will harm your skin.

1.)   The cream moisturisers actually throw off the balance of your skin's natural moisturizers. Because the water in moisturisers softens the outer layer of skin they are actually pulling your skin's natural moisturisers out. All this added water from the moisturizers as well as the natural moisture from your skin evaporates together. More often this will leave your skin prone to more dryness, irritations and unprotected from other free agents.

2.)  Cream moisturisers are an oil water emulsions and the fats it comes in contact with will emulsify. This leaves the skin drier because it degreases the skin at a much deeper level.


Healthy glowing and hydrated skin is the result of maintaining the natural balance in your skin where it can cleanse and cool the body through a natural release of moisture. With the release of this moisture it also has to be able to retain enough on its own to keep the skin smooth, soft and firm. The way to restore this natural order and balance in you skin is by giving it the natural oils it lacks. Natural oils can act as a lubricant that waterproofs the skin and hair. As you get older your body begins to produce less of the necessary oils needed to keep your skins moisture in balance, which will lead to drier skin.

Organic Plant Based Oils-

Often times your skin will never receive the oil it needs just on changing your diet to incorporate more omega 3 fatty acids or other essential oils alone. Since your skin is the outermost layer of your body these oils never make it their, which is why applying organic plant based oils directly to the skin is the best way to help moisturize your skin.


White Lotus Serums offers a number of highly beneficial serums that are made exclusively from all natural organic ingredients. They are a company that has done years of testing to provide you with not only the best quality product but also one that will remarkably improve your skin.

White Lotus Organic Serums offers serums that can specifically help reduce scarsstretch marks and reduce the signs of aging. Each of their serums use green tea oil and is infused only with natural herbs. The benefits of using the green tea oils range from reducing fine lines to promoting skin cell growth. None of the serums contain water you will find.

For truly moisturized skin avoid the cream and instead try White Lotus Anti Aging serums. Made from all natural organic ingredients, and with no additional water, the benefits of these serums balance your skin and leave it looking and feeling naturally younger in no time.