The advantages of a dermaroller treatment offered by a reliable provider  White Lotus

The advantages of a dermaroller treatment offered by a reliable provider

When it comes to beauty and the health of our skin, it is important to be able to enjoy the high-quality treatment, for optimum results. As you may know already, there are many beauty and skin care providers that claim to sell or offer genuine dermaroller treatments. Unfortunately, the quality of most dermarollers on the market and in salons are doubtable. On the other hand, White Lotus respect both the manufacturing quality of a dermaroller and uses it in the best way possible, to obtain visible results after a skin treatment. And this is not only a rough statement since there are three broad reasons why White Lotus has product and procedures so different from the rest.

  1. For all the offered treatments, White Lotus uses only natural products, without any chemical content

It is crucial to use only the best products during and after a derma roller treatment because the skin’s ability to absorb increases considerably. The microneedles of a dermaroller will create access ways into the skin, permitting the substances on the surface to penetrate better and enter into the skin’s structure. The effect is almost like ingesting a substance, this is why it is important to use only natural and organic products, which would also be safe for internal consumption. Some dermaroller providers may try to sell dermarollers with regular body lotions or creams. But would you eat those? Very less likely, since they contain high concentrations of preservatives and harmful ingredients.

  1. Concerning the procedures, White Lotus uses the ones that are less invasive, but offer best results

A skin caring treatment should not produce pain or discomfort. So even if microneedles are involved, White Lotus will make sure that each person is treated according to the type of skin and needs, without suffering any pain. Thus, needle lengths are chosen based on this aspects, to make sure that the treatment is efficient, but without harming the skin. Many other companies claim that one needle size is suitable for everybody, but the unique physiology of each person may need to use a different size than in the rest of the cases. So such claim is untrue and leads people into confusion. Not having a proper needle length in your dermaroller may lead to no results, or to a too painful treatment.

  1. All treatments are based on oriental principles, which use mild techniques and natural products

The White Lotus company was started by people that thoroughly studied the skin needling procedure in a high number of Asian countries, China and Malaysia, and even around the world. They gathered precious information only from experienced specialists in this field and did not start using the technique based on a shallow documentation. Thus, skin needling performed at White Lotus is done exactly after the oriental rules, being conducted in a correct manner and with the minimization of any painful effects of the treatment. So you can be sure that the treatment will have the desired results, the ones it was created for, but without leaving visible traces or to be hard to take. Everything is done in a safe, clean and protective environment.