The Acupressure Mat for Leg Pain  White Lotus

The Acupressure Mat for Leg Pain

The Acupressure Mat for Leg Pain

The acupressure mat is widely recognised for its ability to reduce muscle pain, increase relaxation and improve sleep.

One of the main scientific studies (1) found that when the experiences of 126 people were assessed they reported that

98% reported relief of pain
96% reported relaxation benefits
94% recorded an improvement in sleep

This research is largely carried out on people lying on the mat to benefit their back. This makes sense as back pain is so common in our society and there are a large grouping of acupuncture points running down the back. These acupuncture points lie over the main nerve innervation centres for the whole body and so lying on an acupuncture mat can assist virtually all parts of the body.

The mat however can be used to assist other areas of the body directly if suffering pain in these areas.

Many people now use the mats for reflexology by simply placing their feet on the mat while seated and find this extremely relaxing.

The White Lotus mat has gone a step further and added velcro straps so the the acupressure mat can be attached directly to the limb to hold it in place. The straps are large and strong making it simple to attach in a matter of seconds and it will stay easily in place.

This can be used very effectively to assist leg pain and in particular pain around the knees in many individuals.

The velcro also ensures the mat stays rolled up for easy storage and transportation.

This is particularly important for the White Lotus acupressure mat as it uses memory foam unlike other acupressure mats. This means that when released from the velcro straps it will quickly unroll to its original shape if it was not held rolled up by the velcro straps.

In addition the White lotus Acupressure mat uses only food grade plastic spikes, not cheap ABS plastic, non allergenic dyes in its cotton and avoids the use of potentially toxic glue to hold the spikes in place.

This combined with the fact that it is made in the EU to EU standards and its larger size, 65cm by 42cm, makes it an ideal alternative to assist in the management of pain and relaxation.

For more information about the White Lotus Acupressure Mat please follow this link.

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