Skin Needling before and after photos  White Lotus

Skin Needling before and after photos

Please follow this link to White Lotus’s Skin Needling Before and After photos Before and after photographs have come to be expected with any new beauty treatments. They allow potential customers to make a visual judgement of whether they can see a large enough change to warrant paying for this particular treatment. Most legitimate websites will have a dedicated section of the site to display these pictures usually taken in their adjoining clinic or sent in by users.

There is however a dark side to this practice. The actual truth is that the vast majority of before and after photos are now photo shopped. By this I mean the photos are digitally altered using computer software to enhance the changes between the photos. This practice has in fact become so common in the beauty and fashion field that industry experts estimate that 99% of photos appearing in fashion magazines are now altered. Some websites have now taken this practice so far that their skin needling before and after photos look like completely different people ( Mother and daughter maybe?).

White Lotus Anti Aging is a natural beauty company. Our aim is to promote only healthy traditional anti aging practices, So improving peoples appearance without the risks associated with many new approaches to anti aging. For this reason White Lotus never Photoshop’s or alters any of its skin needling before and after photos.

What you see is realistic changes brought about by use of skin needling. This allows the consumer to make a more informed decision about whether skin needling usually performed with the derma roller is the right system for you. Please follow this link to view White Lotus Anti Aging skin needling before and after photos.