Rose Quartz Roller and Jade Roller Eye Treatments  White Lotus

Rose Quartz Roller and Jade Roller Eye Treatments

Jade facial rollers and Rose Quartz Rollers can both be used to improve the appearance of skin under and above the eyes.

The rollers help drain lymphatic fluid and can reduce puffiness around and bags below the eyes. Also they increase micro-circulation and detoxification in the skin in the area so can benefit dark marks under the eyes in some cases.

When rolling under the eyes a small roller head or a larger roller head can be used. This is largely a matter of personal preference. Many people think this can only be treated with the small roller heads as they are easier to maneuver but this is not the case. The main reason for this is that when you roll in the areas under and below the eyes it is better to use the other hand to stretch the skin a little out of the immediate eye socket area onto the surrounding bones to better and more smoothly roll across it.

One word of warning! Do not use the small headed rollers that employ the wire brackets to hold the roller head in place under the eyes. These brackets are notoriously fragile and weak. They are also normally only attached to the brass end of the handle by glue. When pressure is applied they can come apart very easily. This would be annoying at the best of times but unfortunately the ends of the wire when they come apart are usually very sharp. On the cheeks this can cause scratching but in severe cases we have seen this actually catch in an eyelid where it can cause a lot of damage. These types of rollers are usually cheap so can be tempting but are really not worth the risk.

When rolling around the eyes don’t forget to roll across the upper brow as well as below the eyes. This can help prevent drooping eyelids by firming the skin in the area. If drooping eyelids are a large concern for you also consider using the jade or rose quartz roller in conjunction with a dermaroller which are very effective at assisting the skin above the eyes.

When rolling either area don’t forgot to always roll upwards and outwards to lift and stretch the skin. A nice smooth motion is to roll out across under the eyes and then across the pesky crows feet as you curve the roller upwards. Repeat this above the eye remembering to use the other hand to stretch the skin upwards to make it more accessible.

The whole treatment should only take a couple of minutes and can be extended to cover the whole face at the same time. As the rollers do not leave the skin inflamed it can be done nightly before bed and is a very gentle and relaxing ritual.

After the treatment apply a green the oil based serum to nourish the skin.

If you are really concerned about the appearance of your eyes you should wear a silk eye mask to bed to avoid moisture loss and dehydration from the area over night. Do not wear cotton eye masks as they leach moisture from the area.

Follow this enjoyable ritual and you will be amazed at the improvement around your eyes with so little effort.

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