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Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool by White Lotus

Gua Sha- the ancient facial therapy- has been around for thousands of years. It’s generally associated with traditional Chinese medicine. However, Greek and Egyptian legends show that the Rose quartz stone (used in Gua Sha therapy) was used by Greek Gods to help them retain their youth and beauty.

Facial masks made from Rose quartz have even been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt. This clearly shows that from time immemorial, civilizations have found Rose quartz stone very effective in keeping complexions clear and faces- wrinkle free.

The pink color of the Rose quartz is said to invoke love and desire in human beings and as early as 600 BC, Tibetan and Chinese cultures considered the stone as a token of love.

Some believe that this stone has been used as a token of love as early as 600 BC.

The words Gua Sha are derived from the Chinese word Gua (to rub or scrape) and Sha (red). The Gua Sha Rose Quartz developed in China is said to be based on the traditional design of the Chinese Jade Gua Sha.

Gua Sha stone is a tool used to massage the face. Starting in the middle of the face, firm but gentle pressure is applied as the tool is moved outwards. This action releases the built up toxins and makes them drain away. 

The scraping motion encourages the blood to rise to the surface of the skin and that accounts for the redness. Redness and inflammation produced by the stone’s motion across the face, triggers the skin’s natural metabolic healing process, accelerates collagen production, increases blood circulation and rejuvenates tired skin.

It also encourages the release of heme-oxygenase-1, a hormone that stimulates the production of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules. The result is firmer skin and more even skin tone. 

The facial Rose quartz massager is used to produce a soothing massage that helps reduce tension in the muscles of the face. It also helps soften the wrinkles, detoxifies and hydrates the skin, leaving behind a younger and more radiant complexion.

The tool has a smaller flat side that can be used for the delicate areas under the eyes and around the face, while the scalloped edge is used across the lips. It’s pretty thick and large when compared to the jade tool. That’s why the Rose quartz stone can be used for other parts of the body as well. 

Regular use of the Rose quartz stone:

  • Rose quartz healing- promotes love for others, inculcates harmony and enhances emotional health
  • Nourishes skin- improves skin elasticity, makes it brighter and more evenly toned-

Gua Sha massage improves circulation of blood and drains away toxins. Even a single massage produces remarkable results .

 Of special note is the White Lotus Rose Quartz Gua Sha device, which incorporates premium grade Rose quartz massage crystals.

It is popular because:-

  • Natural Rose Quartz Crystalsunlike so many other crystals, the Rose Gua Sha stone from White Lotus is natural and not chemically treated. It is easy to clean and preserve
  • Reputation - Designed by White Lotus- the experts in Eastern anti-aging, the set comes with full Gua Sha instructions 
  • Hand crafted- the tool is meticulously crafted by hand and checked before use. It is packed in traditional silk lined boxes to protect it from damage
  • The logo of the White Lotus is printed on every box for authenticity

Gua sha, the “ritual of self-love and reverence” is having its ‘big moment’ in 2018 and is slated to become one of the “biggest beauty obsessions “of the year.

The fact it combines eastern medicine with the current trend, can be done easily at home by individuals probably accounts for the crystal Gua Sha craze.

Those who are interested can get the Gua Sha video with the White Lotus Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha tools set.