Preventing Collagen Loss  White Lotus

Preventing Collagen Loss

As you are probably aware, you are permanently losing collagen from your skin. Collagen levels drop by around 50% by the time that you are 35. This often is the time that many people first start seeing signs of aging appear in their skin. It is all well and good to treat the signs of aging when they start to appear- or if it is already very prevalent, but what about prevention?

At White Lotus we recommend using a dermal roller regularly and having treatments to keep the collagen in your skin. If you can keep a basic amount of collagen in your skin you will find that your skin ages much slower and that you age at a different rate to your friends.

Prevention is far better than cure. Genetically we are similar to our parents. If you know for example that your mum suffered from bad stretch marks, cellulite or wrinkles it is likely that you may inherit that trait.

By building up the collagen in the areas of weakness for your family you can prevent these from occurring. As the old saying goes a stitch in time saves nine.The Derma Roller is the only known way to increases collagen induction in the skin by up to 1000% after a single use. It makes sense to think that by regular and consistent use you will be preventing as much collagen loss as possible- naturally.