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Periorbital Wrinkles

Dermarollers effectively reduces Periorbital wrinkles otherwise know as Eye wrinkles

The scientific evidence supporting micro needling otherwise know as skin needling or derma roller treatment is growing rapidly. The affordability and practicality of micro needling compared to many more invasive cosmetic treatments has inspired research into stretch marks, cellulite, Hair loss, anti ageing and scars amongst others.

We are all aware that micro needling is very effective at increasing collagen production in the skin. Today we will talk about one particular study which specifically examined the results produced by micro needling on wrinkles under the eyes in the area otherwise known as the periorbital area.

These lines are notoriously difficult to treat and so any advances are always very welcome.


20 individuals between the age of 55 and 65 with periorbital wrinkles were included in the trial. Each patient was treated with a micro needling device for 2 sessions. The improvement in the patients wrinkles was evaluated using digital camera photos and silicon rubber was used to make an impression of the individual wrinkles. The casts were then analysed by computerised image analysis. 


In nearly all patients after the 2 session the severity of the wrinkles was greatly reduced.


Researchers concluded that micro needling was an effective treatment for eye wrinkles and should be used more often.

How to Apply skin needling below the eyes.

If applying a derma roller treatment at home it can be a bit nerve racking rolling so close to the eyes. Some groups will recommend actually rolling into the eye socket. We would strongly caution against this. It creates an unnecessary risk for no actual gain.

Many wrinkles are very close to the eye itself but there is an easier to reach them. When rolling use your other hand to stretch the skin from around the eyes down onto the bone below the eye. Once the skin is here it will be stretched smooth. This makes it easier to roll across while also allowing you to reach areas of skin that would otherwise be inside the eye socket. Stretching the skin has an added advantage that the micro needles are definitely penetrating the bottom of the wrinkles that may be less accessible when the skin is folded in wrinkles.

Another obvious point - Only roll across in this area. Many rollers suggest one size fits all instructions to roll in a cross formation on all areas of the face. This is very unwise under the eyes. Rolling upwards risks rolling into the eyeball. Rolling downwards risks landing on the eye ball when first contacting the skin or missing the area of skin directly next to the eye. In the area it is always best to roll across and outwards towards the temples. This provides excellent coverage of the area without any risk.

This same technique can be applied when assisting wrinkles above the eyes or attempting to assist sagging skin in the upper eye lids.

It is also worth noting to be more careful with the application of creams and serums in this area. Where possible choose a safe natural serum and preferably organic that is less likely to irritate the eyes.

If you would like to learn more about how to effectively improve periorbital wrinkles at home please follow this link - Dermaroller Kit

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