Natural Weight Loss  White Lotus

Natural Weight Loss

In Chinese medicine oolong tea has long been considered to improve digestion and raise metabolism. Its ability to raise the bodies metabolism and improve fat oxidation was recently proven by a clinical trial conducted by the University of Tokushima in Japan. This study provides strong scientific evidence for the weight loss effects of oolong tea.

In addition to its effects on weight loss oolong tea has many of the same positive benefits now being advertised for green tea. Good quality oolong teas such as Tie Guan Yin make an easy addition to any weight loss program and best of all they also taste great. In addition to oolong tea there are also specialised weight loss teas in Chinese medicine derived from a variety of herbal teas.

These teas work in a number of ways. They usually work to improve digestion, increase fat oxidation and in some cases have a mild diuretic effect. Please be careful when buying any weight loss tea that works purely as a diuretic as this will not provide true lasting weight loss and can be detrimental to your health with long term use.

Lotus leaf was traditionally combined with Oolong tea in Chinese medicine to treat obesity, lower blood lipid levels and prevent heatstroke as well as many other disorders. This comes in easy to use tea bags and also tastes great.