Natural Dermaroller Cleaner  White Lotus

Natural Dermaroller Cleaner

More and more people are continuing to buy home use dermarollers and use them on their skin at home. This means that the derma roller is reused on the same person and develops a risk of harbouring and spreading bacteria when used each time.

Previously White Lotus had introduced an isopropyl alcohol derma roller cleaner principally for beauticians who are sometimes legally allowed to reuse derma rollers in clinic.

Now we are introducing a completely natural dermaroller cleaner which can be used safely in any environment. The natural derma roller cleaner contains 99.999% colloidal silver suspended in distilled water. This delivers a powerful dose of silver ions each time the bottle is sprayed.

Silver ions are a very safe alternative which was previously taken internally for a variety of conditions before the advent of antibiotics. They are currently used in hospitals in bandages to dress potentially problematic wounds and are also used to disinfect some surgical equipment.

The new pump spray is 50mLs and contains silver ions at 14ppm. A single bottle will last over a year of regular use. Read more about the Natural Dermaroller cleaner here.