Multivitamins the Link to Cancer  White Lotus

Multivitamins the Link to Cancer

Stop Taking Multivitamins

Stop taking supplements and simply eat well! to view more about truly natural supplements. Read the China Study by Dr Campbell who conducted the biggest trial on nutrition to this day. Other clinical trials have shown that men and women who take multivitamins die from more diseases across the board than those that did not take any. You should only supplement when you have a deficiency. People are taking huge dosages of synthetic vitamins and minerals that the body cannot process (ie 1000 mg). If you want to supplement take a natural wholefood like chlorella or spirulina, barley grass which is naturally rich in a broad range of minerals and vitamins but is not synthetic. If you are feeling run down you are much better off reaching for a bowl of fresh fruit than taking a multivitamin. You should also be eating wholefoods, a diet rich in wholefood grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables according to clinical trials. Synthetic multivitamins do not compare to having a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the same increase in risk as being over weight or heavy drinking! The study was conducted over 10 years with 350,000 women as a randomized controlled trial and published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition. Women who take multivitamins increase the risk of developing a breast tumor by 19%!