Mistake # 3 – Titanium Dermarollers for N.A.S.A  White Lotus

Mistake # 3 – Titanium Dermarollers for N.A.S.A

Several years ago, titanium micro needles entered the market with bold statements about how much better they were and a huge change they would bring into micro needling industry. For most consumers the use of titanium was a mystery and imagined as an expensive material from space industry, which made it of course better than stainless steel.

In reality titanium rollers were for the most part similar to most of the rollers on the market. Just a very thin layer of titanium was applied over regular stainless steel needles. It was certainly not enough to justify all the fuss around it as well as the claims about stronger and more durable needles.

It is worth noting that we as micro needle rollers suppliers are approached all the time by producers hoping to persuade us to sell their derma rollers. We can claim unequivocally that there is no difference in the purchasing price between cheap titanium rollers and cheap stainless steel rollers. Prices starts rising dramatically only when producers start focusing on quality needle production which takes more time and effort.

I think we can safely leave all the titanium dermaroller excitement to marketing specialists and get back to focusing on micro needle rollers that really get the job done effectively!

We hope that you enjoyed this article, so next week we will wait for you to read on the next dermaroller mistake!