Male Stretch Marks – Should You Be Worried?  White Lotus

Male Stretch Marks – Should You Be Worried?

It may surprise you to know that male stretch marks are on the rise, and one reason for this is the ever increasing need to have a physique just like the Hollywood stars you see at the cinema.
Young men especially are starting to show signs of male stretch marks simply because they begin building muscle too quickly in the gym. When you do this, the muscles expand causing your skin to stretch more than it should naturally. The same applies when looking at weight loss which is another reason why male stretch marks are on the rise. These days, men are just as susceptible to being bombarded by the media telling them they should have the perfect physique.
In fact, it could be considered that men are really bearing the brunt of this type of marketing right now. After all, women have been used to it for decades! Sure, being a healthy weight is important, but if you lose weight too quickly or lose a lot of weight over a period of time this can result in male stretch marks.
Just like women, this can have a terrible affect on self-esteem and instead of feeling confident enough to show off that new figure, you end up hiding it. There are various options open to you if you suffer from male stretch marks but not all of them work, and if you turn to cosmetic surgery this can leave you with scars which kind of defeats the object!
So, what to do? Well, you could use various topical creams and other chemically produced products that claim to reproduce the collagen your skin has lost (the reason male stretch marks appear). However, these can have their side effects and don’t always work.
What you could do if you’re looking for a completely natural way of reducing the appearance of male stretch marks is to take a look at the website by White Lotus.
There, you will find various derma roller kits that use a micro-needling system together with a completely natural anti-stretch mark serum. These kits work by increasing the circulation of the skin you’re working on, increases the amount of collagen produced – naturally! And, will help to provide you with much needed anti-oxidants which keep skin cells healthy. If you’re in a place right now where you’ve tried everything to get rid of male stretch marks, why not give White Lotus and their products a try?