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Jade Roller Squeaks


A common complaint we here is that when the jade roller is used there is a light squeaking noise that can be irritating during a relaxing treatment.

The squeak is nothing to worry about it is simply the sounds of the new metal brackets rubbing against the jade stone and is easily fixed.

To get rid of the jade roller squeak simply place a small drop of oil in the small hole where the jade roller head connects to the metal bracket.

We use the White Lotus Anti Aging serum that uses a green tea oil base. Whichever oil you use make sure that the oil is a vegetable oil that is safe for use on the skin in case some comes in contact with the skin.

You may have to reapply the oil every few months depending on how often you use the roller and the climate you are living in.

This technique works best with the sold metal brackets used in the White Lotus jade roller.

You should be a little bit careful if using a lower quality roller with wire metal brackets. These brackets are much weaker and the wire underneath can be very sharp. Make sure the brackets are strong and have good pressure against the jade crystal.

If they are already loose and you apply some oil there is a chance on some low quality rollers that the head will fall out. This is a problem with rollers that use thin wire brackets as the wire underneath can be very sharp and can scratch or cut the skin.

This is a particularly large issue with the smaller heads used under the eyes where most suppliers only provide the option of thin wire brackets.

Dont forget used properly a jade roller can

  • Increase lymphatic drainage
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Lift and smooth the skin
  • Provide a relaxing ritual we all crave at the end of a busy day

For these reasons it is well worth investing in a good quality roller and using a little oil to overcome and jade roller squeaks.

The same technique can of course be applied equally well to Rose Quartz Roller Squeaks, Clear Quartz Roller squeaks and Amethyst Roller squeaks.

To learn more about About the quality difference and the Solid Brass Brackets on the White Lotus Jade Roller please follow this link.

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