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Jade Gua Sha or Rose Quartz Gua Sha?

Below we explain step by step the differences between the Gua Sha of Rose Quartz and the Gua Sha of Jade.

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Jade Crystal Compared to Rose Quartz Crystal

Both the Jade Gua Sha and the Rose Quartz Gua Sha are hand carved directly from non porous crystal. This means neither will absorb creams or oils they are used with and so should stay very hygienic with proper care.

Rose quartz is slightly harder than jade and harder to carve as it is more likely to shatter. This extra difficulty in carving is the main reason genuine rose quartz Gua Sha are usually a little more expensive than Jade Gua Sha.

Due to its slightly different crystalline structure rose quartz Gua Sha can appear slightly smoother than some jade Gua Sha. They can produce an almost mirror like surface if well carved.

Be aware that many Jade and Rose Quartz producers now chemically treat their crystal prior to carving to make them softer and easier to carve. This makes them easier to produce and therefore cheaper. This process is definitely not recommended in a tool that is going to come in contact with your skin and can change the chemical structure of the crystal.

Also beware of jade that appears to have more of a mat surface and is less shiny. There is an increased chance that this is actually ‘false jade’, a more serpentine stone usually imported from the Afghan region often via India. The problem with false jade in addition to it being misold as jade is that the colour will leech out of it over time.

Traditional Beliefs About Jade and Spiritual Qualities of Rose Quartz

There is some evidence to suggest that scraping therapies such as the Gua Sha existed in other traditional cultures such as Egypt and Greece but it was in China where the knowledge and use of Gua Sha truly hit its zenith.

Rose Quartz was not used to produce Gua Sha in China as it was not commonly available. Gua Sha was produced from a variety of objects such as bone and horn to treat the body and Jade Gua Sha were reserved for only the truly wealthy and powerful.

Jade was expensive in ancient China (often more valuable than gold) but also became a symbol of wealth and position beyond its mere physical value. Brooches denominating position were often made of it and possession of luxurious items like the jade gua sha symbolised success.

Jade was also believed to have the ability to enhance the qi or energy flow in the areas that it treated. Wrinkles and blemishes were often seen as blocking this natural energy flow. By restoring the natural energy flow in the face or other skin you would not only reduce wrinkles and increase the skins glow you were also improving the body health by ensuring harmonious energy flow.

This belief in the ability to increase qi flow of jade crystal is the key reason Jade Gua Sha were kept in silk lined boxes as it was believed storage in silk would enhance this qi flow.

Rose Quartz crystal has traditionally been associated with love. Many modern spiritual practitioners believe that contact with rose quartz crystals will open the heart and increase love in relationships.

This belief dates right back to ancient legends. Several ancient Greek tales tell of the association of rose quartz with love. One tells us that rose quartz was given to humans by Eros and Cupid to inspire love amongst us. Another that white quartz was actually dyed pink by the blood of Aphrodite who pricked herself on a briar bush bush while rushing to her lovers Adonis’s aid.

How to Use the Jade Gua Sha vs Rose Quartz Gua Sha

As discussed there is a long and venerable history of using Gua Sha for cosmetic purposes in China. During this history detailed treatments procedures have been developed to work with the energy flow on the face and so improve the appearance and enhance a natural glow. These techniques can be explored in great detail on the White Lotus Videos available with the Crystal roller face packs.

These ancient traditions do not exist for Rose Quartz Gua Sha being a fairly modern adaption. Fortunately the treatment procedures for the Jade Gua Sha can be easily applied to the rose quartz Gua Sha giving it a ready made treatment protocol.

Conclusion - Which Works Better?

There is no clear cut winner of the two products. Both will visibly improve the appearance of the skin, reduce puffiness and swelling and smooth out wrinkles effectively.

The Jade Gua Sha is the more traditional form of Gua Sha with a venerable history while the Rose Quartz Gua Sha may appeal more to those who are interested in the reported spiritual properties of the crystal (or those who simply prefer pink)

Ultimately it is down to personal preference. The important thing is to buy the product you prefer and then use it regularly. That way you will see the results that have made this unusual beauty tool such a long lasting addition to so many exotic beauty routines.

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