Jade Gua Sha  White Lotus

Jade Gua Sha

The Jade Gua Sha is perfectly gift packaged in a silk box, giving the perfect presentation to the buyer. With the amount of effort that goes into the product from The White Lotus gives every customer the perfect, all-round item. This item is made from Grade A materials and makes a fantastic anti-aging treatment.

Almost all Jade Gua Sha are made from Grade B or Grade C which means they have been chemically treated giving even more to their customers. The Chinese were the first people to invent the Jade Gua Sha and consist on telling that there products are made with 100% light coloured jade, 100% Jade crystals. Every Gua Sha tool has its own personality making them all stand out from the rest but give the equal quality.

Correct use of the Jade Gua Sha Skin Scraping tool.

When your purchase arrives, along with it will be step by step instructions that are easy to follow and come in many different languages to cater for customers from all over the world. To give you an insight here are some simple instructions to help you become more familiar with the product. Firstly it is advised to apply the lotion to a cleansed skin surface.


You can either use on the skin directly or along with a anti-aging lotion. If you do decide to use along with an anti-aging lotion the white lotus do a lovely green tea, organic serum. The Jade gua sha is used by many people during their morning and night time rituals.

If you would prefer a visual step by step and detailed information on the products available then please visit the anti-aging section on the white lotus website.

If these items impress you, join one of the practitioner training programs, once completed you can then sell these wonderful products in your own practise.

Keeping the jade gua sha clean.

Everything we touch must be cleaned, this is how germs are kept at bay and we do not contract bad bacteria.

The cleaning process is fairly straight forward, you just wash the item in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. If the jade gua sha is being used in a clinical environment you will be better off cleaning it with the Lotus roller cleaner, this product can be purchased through the website. Once you have cleaned the item using the roller cleaner you should then place it in a UV steriliser, this process is after every time you use it.

How effective is it?

The product is very easy to use, the bigger size makes it even easier to achieve the drainage you want. The larger size gives you the refreshed look and feel to your skin and body. The small products are no use to the areas that are built up. It is important that both sides are used on the skin to help with anti-aging and toning of the skin.

The dimensions are as follow:

Gift box: 14.5cm - 12cm - 4cm.

10cm L - 6cm / 4mm thickness.