Is It Possible to Sterilise a Dermaroller?  White Lotus

Is It Possible to Sterilise a Dermaroller?

What is a Dermaroller?

dermaroller is a device that pierces the skin with many small surgical needles. This causes tony areas of damage in the skin, and so the skin will react to this by renewing damaged cells. It has been known to help with blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles, cellulite etc. You can use a dermaroller by yourself at home, or you can have it done by a professional.

As the needles of a dermaroller pierce the upper layers of the skin (though when correctly used should never cause you to bleed), there is always a risk of infection or contamination when it comes to the improper cleaning of a dermaroller. So, what's the best way to properly clean a dermaroller? How do you sterilise a dermaroller? Or more importantly, is it even possible to sterilise a dermaroller? Is it necessary?

What is Sterilisation?

Now strictly speaking, you cannot sertilise a dermaroller. It is impossible. The word sterilise has a very strict medical definition, this definition being 'the process of destroying all microorganisms and their pathogen products.' In other words, it means that the roller is as clean as though it had never been used on anyone's skin before, and therefore can be used safely on a new person's skin without running the risk of contamination or infection. This process is just not possible with a dermaroller.

The only way of actually sterilising medical equipment such as this, is by using an autoclaving machine. An autoclaving machine is a pressurized chamber in which objects are placed and are subjected to high pressure, saturated steam at around 121 degrees celsius, or 249 degrees fahrenheit. Autoclave machines are used in all kinds of industries including medicine, tattooing, dentistry, and veterinary science, to name but a few. They are the most widely used and efficient way of sterilising objects that have small crevices and gaps where bacteria can hide. Unfortunately because of the materials used to make dermarollers, this high pressure and heat would melt the roller and also damage the needles.

Beware False Claims

Many manufacturers that make and sell dermarollers, often sell an accompanying cleaning product or method that promises to 'sterilise' the dermaroller after you use it. These manufacturers may be trying to fool you, or they simply may not understand the definition of sterilisation. Either way it is best to stick to manufacturers who promise only to 'disinfect' your dermaroller. To disinfect if to 'kill or inactivate harmful and objectionable bacteria, cysts, and other microorganisms'. Disinfection is enough to ensure that you do not contract any infections or skin conditions when using your roller, and it is all you really need. Colloidal silver is our preferred cleaner.

There are many tutorials and Youtube videos out there of people who claim to be sterilising their dermarollers using alcohol and other methods, but what they are actually doing is disinfecting it. This is the proper way to clean your dermaroller, however not the proper word to use in describing the cleaning process.

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