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How stress affects our longevity

Stress is without a doubt something that any living creature is going to experience at some point in their lives. There are many reasons that can cause a person to get stressed. Being anxious about certain things that happen in our lives is also a cause for stress and this is a condition that was always speculated to cause health issues, but it’s not until now that we have discovered that research actually damage our DNA and reduce our lifespan.

What causes stress?

There are too many things that can cause stress. We could be stressed due to a very demanding and difficult occupation and we could also experience stress due to an illness in our family or because of a confrontational problem that we have with someone else. These are some of the most common reasons why people experience stress.

The damages caused by stress

The latest research conducted on the subject has shown that stress can damage our DNA if the stress levels are high for long periods of time. When we damage our DNA, we shorten our lifespan significantly and this is something that was only speculated, but is now proven to be true.

This is the reason why people in high stress jobs like air traffic control are usually paid so well. It has been proven that people who are in traffic control tend to live less and they also tend to develop serious health issues at a younger age than the average person does.

Stress is also responsible for making you sick more often than you would normally get sick. The biggest problem that we face with stress is that our immune system is weakened and this is the reason why we easily catch any kind of virus that comes our way.

The key is to learn to manage stress

Maybe you have a highly stressful job, but you are tempted to continue sacrificing your health because the paycheck is quite good. However, you need to ask yourself if any amount of money is worth damaging your health in the long run. Ask yourself if sitting on a mountain of gold is worth the many risks that come from a highly stressful lifestyle.

Learn to relax

One of the biggest reasons why we get so stressed in life is because we tend to take everything too seriously. We get caught up in fear of losing our job or anxiety because we have bills to pay and all of these things can start to accumulate and cause for higher levels of stress to build up. This is the main reason why we need to be careful not to fall into a habit of allowing stress to become part of our lives.

We can start to get used to stress and we begin to deal with it as part of our daily routine, but our bodies are being damaged more and more each day and this can reach a point that is basically beyond repair.

A healthy lifestyle with proper dieting and exercise will allow us to have much better results in every aspect of our lives. The best thing about this is that our stress levels will also be reduced and our immune system will be able to handle any stressful situations without being compromised.

Drinking jiao gu lan tea and lying on an acupressure mat can also help keep stress at bay.


Now that you know how harmful stress can be, you should start to pay more attention to the situations in your life that can cause higher levels of stress. This is going to allow you to take action and do whatever is necessary to avoid those situations.