How frequently do I use the Dermaroller?  White Lotus

How frequently do I use the Dermaroller?

What is the ideal interval for using the Lotus roller dermaroller?

Due to so many contradicting facts on the internet, the very topic is so controversial that uncountable number of people are getting are doubtful, even when they see the truth.

Several years back, some skin treatment medications prescribed daily treatments so as to obtain best growth in collagen.

The latest studies have revealed that a set of enzymes popularly referred to as collagenase become more active and flourishes almost 14 days following the initial treatments. These enzymes in question are saddled with the responsibility breaking down the previous nonaligned collagen fibres located inside scar tissue.

Indeed, virtually all sites focus their discussion or teaching based on how to produce fresh layer of collagen being an integral part of the medication. The truth of the matter is that the story does not end there. You still need to make room for fresh skin around the spot by breaking down the former scar tissue.

Your 14 days waiting implies that you are giving all the enzymes to be very active and begin to reduce prior to the resumption of producing fresh collagen corresponding to the most recent treatments

Potentially, it has been revealed that it is not impossible that daily needling is likely to produce a relatively longer term level of inflammation inside the skin but without any noticeable improvement on the outcome.

Giving the above reasons, therefore, 14 days should be the most appropriate interval between dermaroller treatments for desirable and wonderful result.

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