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Article: How does organic treatment help?

How does organic treatment help?
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How does organic treatment help?

We are today moving away from nature and our life style is getting techno savvy. However, we fail to understand that we cannot escape from nature as we are a part of it. Nature has so much in store that we are unable to explore the whole lot of it. As technology advances human sufferings are taking in different names, forms and only nature has answers to it all. With no side effects and as an effective remedy, herbs have the right treatment for most of our worries. The best part is that herbal or organic treatment can be beneficial for all age groups. Here is how going organic or using herbal medicines help treat most of the problems.

Side effects reduced

Most organic products or medicines are well tolerated by patients and have no side effects when compared to traditional medicine. They are safe when used over time.

Effective for chronic conditions

Organic medicines are effective for long standing health issues that do not respond to traditional medicine. Health problems like arthritis can easily be treated by just adding some simple herbs, organic vegetables and reducing sugar consumption.

Cost effective

Some of the herbs can be grown in your garden and do not need a prescription. Not to forget that in some parts of the world people survive due to the herbs they grow.

Health risk from industrial chemical goes down

Once you choose an organic product you are saved the pain of consuming a ‘cocktail’ of fertilizers and chemicals that are found in a conventional farm product. Most of the fruits, vegetables are sprayed herbicides and pesticides about ten times before they actually reach the market shelves. These chemicals act on out nerve cells and the potential health risks they leave behind is really worrisome.

A boost to vitamin, mineral intake

Switching over to organic food increases intake of vitamins and minerals by about 30 per cent, according to studies. On an average organic food improves intake of Vitamin C, minerals like iron, magnesium and phosphorous that are essential for making blood, muscle tissues and building of bones respectively.

Always good for children

The highly sensitive immune system of children is affected when exposed to additives. Their food should be free of artificial flavouring in order to develop and grow in the right way. Chemicals in food can cause adverse effects, trigger allergic reactions and hyperactivity in children. A number of conditions like behavioural problems and medical complaints are due to the chemicals we serve children.

Protect against cancer

Organic food, especially dairy products are free of pesticide ‘lindane’ which has been linked to breast cancer. Moreover, people who already have been attacked by cancer recover better when they follow an exclusively organic regime in their diet.

No Hangover

Besides intake of organic food, fruit, vegetables and dairy products drinking organic wine is also a favourite among health conscious people. Organic wine lessens hangover worries as they are sulphur dioxide free. It does not cause hangover headaches, vomiting and hence appeal to people.


Organic products not only prevent but also help treat many health issues. However, with growing awareness about organic products many manufacturers are jumping into the organic bandwagon. Care needs to be taken to choose the right product with all essential organic elements from a genuine seller.

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