Hollywood Demands Natural Looking Actors  White Lotus

Hollywood Demands Natural Looking Actors

In a startling turn around Hollywood Directors are routinely turning down Actors for audition that appear 'unnatural'. It is a huge relief for those of you that are sick of seeing plastic people on television. With the rising trend of cosmetic surgery and Botox I think most of us have forgotten what a 'normal' person actually looks like.  Directors are now demanding natural beauties, with natural breasts, faces etc. Pirate of the Caribbean director insisted on only hiring female actors with natural breasts and faces! It will be great to have naturally beautiful actors again take the limelight. Directors have reported that actors have gone too far and look like freaks all in the name of landing the next blockbuster. There are a growing number of celebrities that are opting for natural treatments and turning their back on more severe treatments. Angelina Jolie uses a Dermal Roller and reportedly rarely wears foundation as her complexion is so naturally good. Miranda Kerr, Australian Supermodel uses only organic skin care and has natural treatments. The list goes on and on There are so many fabulously effective natural treatments available that compliment your health and wellbeing it is wonderful to see this trend growing. It should be called 'sustainable Anti Aging'.