Hair loss after pregnancy  White Lotus

Hair loss after pregnancy

Post-partum hair loss can be a frustrating problem. It occurs at a very sensitive time and can affect self-esteem at a time when you are trying to establish a new life with your child. In the western world hair loss after pregnancy is just something people have to accept and wait until the body naturally recovers.
In ancient China the approach was very different. The Chinese system had very detailed protocols for every step of pregnancy. The steps were designed to improve the constitution of the unborn child and ensure the mothers quick recovery.
In Chinese medicine it is believed hair is controlled by blood. It is a loss of blood or decrease in the quality of blood that causes hair loss and premature greying. This all sounds very philosophical, but how can this help you. Traditionally herbal formulas were applied to the scalp and combined with early skin needling using a dermal hammer. This practice has been used for hundreds of years with excellent results. Many of the herbs used in these formulas such as ginseng have more recently been the subject of research showing they help prevent hair loss.
In modern terms skin needling assists hair growth by increasing the release of endothelial growth factor. This promotes hair growth and increases follicle and hair size as well as leading to interactions that lead to hair canal formation.
White Lotus provides a premium hair restoration spray, which is combined with modern skin needling in the form of a derma stamp. Combined they can assist hair to regrow more rapidly and improve the quality of the hair that regrows. Please have a look at the White Lotus deluxe hair Restoration Pack if you are interested in a natural way of reducing the effects of hair loss after pregnancy.