Green Tea, the healthy choice  White Lotus

Green Tea, the healthy choice

For centuries tea has been a mass commodity round the world. The all natural supplements and wide array of flavors have always been a huge draw. As time moved on we realized that different tea had different affects on the body and mind. One of the leaders of the pack was the simple green tea.

Green tea was first found to create a higher energy once consumed. Over time it became apparent that I was a great weight loss supplement. Much other nutritional and overall health related efforts have been realized for this power drink in just the last 100 years.


Most people anymore tend to have a higher cholesterol level than is suggested. This can be caused by bad diet and lack of exercise as well as extra stress. Green tea helps relieve these pains and lower your cholesterol count.

Many studies have shown that people who drink a glass of green tea each day have a lower cholesterol count than before they started the study. This may not be a significant drop in cholesterol but when married with exercise and diet this is a fantastic way to get healthy. Some cases even show that cholesterol can be completely blocked out of the intestines by remnants of the green tea.


The sugar glucose level in your bloodstream is a major factor in diabetes. A great way to help naturally regulate this level is with green tea. By consuming normal amounts of the beverage each day studies have shown a normal level is more easily maintained throughout the entirety of the day. Keeping up with your disease can be hard and this is a great way to counter its offense.


The big C word. Cancer is a terrible tragedy to be diagnosed with. This horrific and scary disease can ruin your life and the life’s of everyone around you. With all of the Chemotherapy treatments you are likely to receive it is best to try and avoid ever getting it at all! In a world where everything seems to cause this disease somewhere within the body, it is nice having an extra layer of protection.

With all of its added benefits already it is hard to believe green tea can help break down cancer cells in the bod before they mix with your own. Preventing the cells from mixing with your white blood cells stops cancer from rampantly destroying your system and that avoids the monstrous weight on ones shoulders. Green tea can help heed off Bladder cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian cancer, Colorectal cancer, Esophageal cancer, Lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer and Pancreatic cancer! This long list is a great reason to begin drinking green tea today!

Life is far too short to leave anything up to chance. Give yourself and your loved ones an added layer of assurance by drinking the all-natural green tea supplement whenever you get the chance. A daily glass can save your life.See a range of high quality green teas here.