Green Tea reduces Facial Wrinkles- Botox alternative  White Lotus

Green Tea reduces Facial Wrinkles- Botox alternative

An Article in Science daily reported the amazing properties of green tea on the skin when used with LEDS:

ScienceDaily (Sep. 9, 2009) — Scientists in Germany are reporting a major improvement in their potential new treatment for facial wrinkles that could emerge as an alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery. The non-invasive technique combines high-intensity light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a lotion made of green tea extract. It works ten times faster than a similar anti-wrinkle treatment that uses LEDs alone, the researchers say.

Interestingly LEDS alone are said to produce reactive oxygen that damage cells which makes the treatment alone damaging to the skin.White Lotus only advocates natural non damaging treatments so does not recommend the use of LED's rather the use of Derma Rollers with the Anti Aging Serum which contains organic green tea oil and potent antioxidant herbs.

Green tea is a potent natural antioxidant which prevents damage to the skin cells and rejuvenates cells. Sadly most creams containing green tea extracts normally list the extract as one of the last ingredients on the label meaning it makes up about 0.01% of the ingredients, and many of the other ingredients in beauty creams are toxic products like parabens, sodium laurel sulphates and synthetic vitamins like retinol which can cause skin cancer.

The white Lotus Anti Aging serum, Scar Serum, Stretch Mark & Cellulite Serum's number one ingredient is organic green tea oil, meaning that you are purchasing the genuine natural thing instead of a product who's majority ingredient is actually water (aqua on the label).

If you want to buy a product that treats wrinkles check out the Anti Aging serum specifically designed to treat wrinkles and to be used with the derma roller or as a stand alone moisturiser. Serums are better than creams because they do actually penetrate the barriers of the skin, unlike creams that sit on the surface. Coupled with the fact that the White Lotus Serum is vegan approved, contains no preservatives, additives or anything you cannot pronounce or is dangerous to use, it leads other anti aging products looking very toxic and diluted! The only other ingredients in the serum are 5 very famous Chinese Herbs that are known for their amazing Adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. These herbs have long been used for Anti Aging purposes safely on people for thousands of years and are an ancient far east beauty secret. The Chinese have been using Green Tea oil on their skin for thousands of years because of its amazing anti aging properties, it really does firm and tone the skin as well as treat wrinkles. It is great used in combination to skin needling and acupuncture. For more information about the Anti Aging Serum click here