The Ethics of Mining Jade for Jade Rollers  White Lotus

The Ethics of Mining Jade for Jade Rollers

White Lotus uses only A grade non-chemically treated nephrite jade mined in China. Below we have included a short summary of the process of jade roller creation in China to help people better understand the ethical implications of jade mining and jade roller production.

All jade mined in China is nephrite jade which should not be confused with the far more expensive Jadeite jade mined in Myanmar. All jade rollers and ancient China sculptures were produced with nephrite jade and Jadeite jade was not introduced to China until the 20th century.

Jade is extremely precious in China with some types selling for more than gold per gram. The cost and the even greater cultural value placed on jade in China has meant the industry is heavily regulated by the government with strict standards being applied to the mining process and the mines undergoing constant inspections to ensure they adhere to all regulations including labour laws. (the government takes a lot less interest in what certain merchants choose to sell as jade in the West).

We are often asked if our jade is certified soil association organic like our skincare range. Unfortunately the Soil association or any other independent bodies do not certify the quality of crystal from China or in fact worldwide. In fact only an expert can truly differentiate the quality of crystals without the use of chemical analysis.

To overcome this White Lotus has invested heavily to monitor every step of its supply chain to ensure that the jade we use is mined in as ethical way as possible without undue environmental damage of exploitation of labour.

White Lotus have been selling high quality jade products around the world of over 15 years now and have used this time to develop high quality sourcing and quality control throughout our supply chains.

Once mined the jade crystal is hand carved in the traditional way. At no stage does the crystal undergo any chemical treatment to soften the crystal or improve its colour. The natural properties of the crystal are respected and maintained throughout the process.

This attention to detail allows White Lotus to offer our unique lifetime guarantee. This is not a popular concept in the modern world where products are designed to break to ensure future sales.

White Lotus believes that like all mined minerals the earths supply is limited. By creating jade rollers of high enough quality they will last a lifetime we believe we minimalise the impact these products produce on the world.

White Lotus retains this ethical attitude to business throughout its business structure. All offices use renewably sourced electricity, all skincare products are either certified organic or in the process of being certified Soil Association organic and a percentage of every sale is given to charity.

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