Does the Derma Roller Really work Long Term?  White Lotus

Does the Derma Roller Really work Long Term?

Most people are only interested in finding out what the short term benefits of the derma roller is not whether the derma roller really works long term. The derma roller really is a long term treatment and the benefits can be reaped for years as far as Anti Aging is concerned. Most people notice within 3 months of using the 0.5mm derma roller that their skin looks:

  1. Firmer, tighter, more toned
  2. Improved complexion, glow to the skin (many people stop wearing make up!)
  3. Tighter smaller pores
  4. Noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles
  5. People with acne prone skin notice a big improvement in their skin and a large reduction in breakouts
  6. Thicker, firmer skin more resilient to repeated facial expressions
  7. More youthful/beautiful skin
The more skin needling treatments you receive after three months the more continued improvement you will see. After a year of using the roller you still see sustained improvement as you are still increasing collagen in your skin. Over time you notice how much younger you look than your peers. The secret of the derma roller to summarise is not the short-term results which are great but really in the long term. The fact that you are always inducting collagen, preventing new lines from forming, keeping your complexion looking bright, firm and healthy, most of all naturally. White lotus recommends you use the derma roller intensively for 3 months every year to keep a basic amount of collagen in the skin. After 35 yrs, your collagen levels drop dramatically and signs of aging become noticeable. By using the derma roller regularly you will not only build up collagen in troubled areas of the face but once you are happy with your skin, you will continue to sustain your looks! The derma roller really works long term. Visit a White Lotus Trained therapist today