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Do Lip Pumping Products Work?

Do Lip Pumping Products Work?

Having fuller and plumper lips is the wish of every woman. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not that generous with all of us, offering just a pair of thin lips.

Well, you might think that with the help of so many cosmetic treatments these days, anyone can get plumper lips. And you are right, but are these plumping products and treatments really work?

For how long will they give you the dream lips you want and with what consequences? Is it worth enduring some degree of discomfort just to have your lips pumped?

There are questions that some women do not think about, being attracted by the mirage of having fuller lips. Every existent treatment will come with a risk and some of them, including celebrities, ended up having bad experiences, and results, after choosing a lip pumping product.

The desire of women to have fuller lips made cosmetic manufacturers release products that can be sold over the counter, without any doctor’s recommendation. But are these products reliable and how do they work?

Well, lip pumping creams function on the same principle as when you suffer a bee sting or pinch your lips hard. What happens is that the lip gets inflamed and with a fuller appearance all of a sudden.

So don’t be amazed if you are going to feel some numbness, tingling sensation or burning, while the product is doing its job on your lips. Some results will show, not as spectacular as in the case of getting an injection in a beauty clinic, but something will be noticeable. Still, since it is the same effect as an insect sting, how many do you think you can handle?

Not too many, because using such products too much and too often can lead to severe irritations on your lips, having an unaesthetic appearance.

Also, you should know that the results of these lip pumper products, which come in the shape of creams, gels, lip balms and so on, will only last for a couple of hours, in case you will handle the burning sensation. Some of the most seen side effects of using too much lip pumpers will be scaling and dryness, being exactly what you don’t need if you have thin lips.

Some new generation products have a more complex composition, promising also to offer you extended results. The composition of these lip pumpers may contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and even human growth hormones. As manufacturers’ claim, the products should boost the elastin and collagen production in your lips, making them look plumper. Well, don’t expect to have a magnificent result. They will appear a bit fuller, and you can enhance that option illusion by using a bit of a light colored shimmer on your lipstick or lip gloss, in the center of your lips. So if you want to get the look of Angelina Jolie, you will be far from the truth. Those lips are a born trait, not obtained with lip pumping creams. Some makeup artists will use the scrubbing technique, before applying the lip plumper product, for a better result, but again, exaggerate scrubbing will exfoliate and damage your lips.

If we are to take a look at the available cosmetic products that can make an appearance difference for your lips, these are the injections with lip fillers. They are much more expensive than a regular lip pumping product, but also offer a visible result that will last. Today, most injections of this kind use hyaluronic acid as a filler, since it is a substance found naturally in our body, making it safer to be utilized for this purpose. If you are wondering how long the effects will last, you should know that in normal conditions, your lips should look plumper for about six months. Afterwards, you will need to repeat the injection if you want to maintain the shape and look of your lips. But, do not think that these injections are flawless. They come with a series of side effects, some milder and some more dangerous. The lips can bleed during the procedure, they can get bruised, swollen, and you can experience an increased sensitivity in the lips. Such an injection can also lead to an asymmetry between lips, infections, lip stiffness, lumps, bruises that can last more than a week, allergic reactions and many other unwanted consequences.

There are quite a few examples of celebrities that overdid the lip filler injection treatment, or they had the misfortune to get a severe side-effect. The result? A very unnatural appearance. Leslie Ash, Donatella Versace, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Kylie Jenner and many other female celebrities got caught in the promise of getting a lip filler injection and ended up looking very unattractive. We all remain stunned at the sight of their photos, thinking just how wrong these lip pumping treatments went, practically ruining the shape of their faces. So it is not about money and affording to get an expensive treatment, because everything that is done in a forced manner will lead to unwanted results.


Still, are there any chances to have fuller lips? The answer is yes, there is a way, much safer than any of the previously mentioned treatments. But, you should know that it is a treatment that won’t offer results overnight, but change the way your lips look in time, through a safer and healthier way. The 0.5mm Lotus Roller, will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin internally, instead of forcing them in from the outside. Thus, once your body starts making its own reserves of collagen and elastin, these substances will no longer be eliminated, the way it happens in the case of lip filler injections, offering you a result for a more extended period. The treatment is not aggressive, not using any irritating substances or using any scrubs, which can in time lead to severe dehydration and damage to your lips. The Lotus Roller may act a bit slower, but you can be sure that results will show and they will be much safer and lost lasting, without having to suffer any discomfort or side-effect.