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Video - Dermaroller Truths

Dermaroller Video

There is a huge amount of misinformation produced about dermarolling. Some of it springs from the desire to sell products while more is produced from genuine ignorance. In this professional video Anthony Kingston author of ‘Holistic Micro Needling’ explains how the dermoroller works and how to perform and effective dermaroller treatments. In addition the video explains in specific sections how to choose the correct needle length derma roller for your condition, how to minimise and eliminate any pain and so avoid the need for anaesthetics and how to choose the correct treatment and aftercare serums to maximise results and avoid any dermaroller side effects. This video not only provides the information about skin needling it also provides the sources of the knowledge in the form of the scientific references behind the knowledge. This allows you to check any facts that you need and cut through all the myths surrounding dermarolling to safely gain all the benefits of this amazing treatment.