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Dermaroller Acne Scars

The dermaroller has been shown to be highly effective at assisting many types of scarring. Creating micro trauma below the surface of the skin increases the production of a group of enzymes called collagenases. These enzymes break down the misaligned collagen in the acne scars.

The dermaroller for acne scars then creates a whole new layer of collagen below the scar tissue to create smooth tissue in place of the broken scarred tissue.

Studies have shown that the dermaroller can increase the production of collagen by as much as 1,000% in a single treatment. This makes the dermaroller for acne scars a highly effective treatment. Derma Roller Acne

What is often not discussed is how you can perform a dermaroller acne scar treatment when there is still active acne in the area. Rolling a dermaroller across active acne can burst cysts and other acne spots spreading bacteria and risking causing further scarring.

The solution to using the dermaroller for acne is in the products that are used with the treatments. Topical green tea has been shown to be highly effective at assisting the reduction in active acne.

You can read about this in our previous blog ‘Green tea for acne’. Applying the green tea oil for several weeks before you begin the dermaroller for acne scars treatment helps reduce active spots allowing you to treat larger areas of skin and obtain better results.

The oil can then be combined with the treatment which will allow the oil to penetrate deeper through the increased absorption the dermaroller causes. Over a series of derma roller acne treatments this will continue to decrease the acne allowing more effective acne scar treatments. To learn more about the dermaroller and green tea oil please follow the links