Derma Roller Whats in a name?  White Lotus

Derma Roller Whats in a name?

What Does the Name Dermaroller mean?

There has been some confusion recently about the difference between Dermarollers, Dermal rollers, Trans dermal rollers etc. The word dermal is originally from the latin meaning to do with the skin.

Dermal Rollers and dermal hammers have been used to benefit the skin and scalp in China for hundreds of years. More recently a lot of research has been conducted on the dermal rolers. This research has revealed that dermal rollers can increase collagen production in the skin by 1,000% in a single treatment.

This has lead to a huge increase in popularity of the dermal rollers. Terms such as Dermaroller, the genuine dermaroller, Dr Roller and the MIT roller are in fact simply brand names by different companies to differentiate their dermal roller from others. If you would like to learn more about the dermal rollers please click this link.