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Derma Roller Training

Derma Roller TrainingDon’t Waste Your Time and Money on the Wrong Course

Whether you’re looking to introduce skin needling treatments into your clinic or salon for the first time, or just looking to further your training, it can be difficult to decide which company will provide you with the best derma roller training.

If only you could get the chance to speak to the people who have already attended the course you are looking at, and similar courses, to ask them what they thought…

At White Lotus, you can! On our website we have a whole page dedicated to recording the feedback we receive from people who have been on our authentic skin needling courses, many of which have been dissatisfied with training they have received elsewhere.

The key difference between our courses and courses offered elsewhere is in the word ‘authentic’. By authentic we mean, unlike other companies, the skin needling techniques we teach are based upon the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, of which skin needling originates.

We see too many companies using and teaching modern adaptations of skin needling who have forgotten the core principles upon which the technique was originally developed. Aggressive derma-rolling action, bleeding the skin and using anaesthetic creams are all representations of a poor skin needling technique and companies which offer this sort of training should, in our opinion, be avoided.

But, as we say, don’t take our word for it, take the word of real people, who have already been on our course and similar courses who can tell you what they have learnt. Take this lady for example: "Having had both the training and treatment itself, I can say without hesitation that White Lotus is the superior form of skin needling offered currently. The more common methods - with which I was treated and trained previously, and which focus on numbing the skin as well as bleeding it - don't really compare in terms of not only marketability but result. White Lotus's treatment has shown a remarkable improvement in my skin with no downtime, whereas other more traumatic methods left me with two days of "sunburn face" with no noticeable results! Furthermore, Anthony's knowledge was absolutely superior, a true expert. Would without reservation recommend." Adrienne, London England Our next genuine derma roller training course is on Sunday 13th November. Book your place today by calling us on 0845 600 6557 or e-mailing us. Our courses are BABTAC and Hamilton Fraser Aprroved. For more information please visit our training page.