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Derma Roller (Dermaroller) Side Effects

There are many forums online reporting derma roller side effects. We sadly receive many emails from people who have brought products elsewhere and had a very bad experience.

The side effects most commonly reported are skin rashes, spots etc after using the derma roller. It is normal for the first 3 treatments to experience flushing for half an hour after wards and a tightening sensation. This is the collagen induction taking place, it is a good sign the treatment is working. It normally vanishes by the third treatment. Saying that you need to use the right size needle and right technique.

The technique we use at white lotus is gentle, non invasive , with no down time and gets great results unlike the conventional needling techniques which is highly traumatic.

Additionally White Lotus only uses Hypoallergenic dermarollers which are metal free and avoid the increasing risk of nickel allergy

These techniques are based on our own clinical skin needling experience. Cheap unsterile imitations of the derma roller also cause adverse reactions on the skin because they are not sterile (remember you are using a product with needles that can carry blood born diseases).

The poor quality derma rollers also use cheap metals that develop micro hooks under the skin ( you cannot see them but under a microscope they look like a fishing hook). They catch on the skin and cause damage and are painful to use. Our roller has strong needles that last a year before needing replacing because we use needles which are 0.30mm wide, (most rollers are 0.15mm wide). Most other rollers need replacing after a month or so, some after one use!

The sharper the needles are the less painful skin needling is, the blunter and more damaged the needles the more painful the process. Most people are also buying needle sizes that are way too big for Anti Aging purposes you get the best results using a 0.5mm. Many people think they will get better results or quicker results using a larger size than they need. It does not work like that. We have found clinically that we get the best results with a 0.5mm for anti aging, as we are a results based business we recommend what we know to work best.

Remember the 0.5mm is the smallest size that inducts collagen. You also have to be careful what you clean your roller with. We only recommend using an alcohol spray (a natural one without stabilizers, most contain stabilizers). If you use the alcohol it will evaporate before the next use. I have read of some people using household disinfectant and bleach! This is not only toxic to your health but will more than likely cause a reaction!

Please see Derma Stamp Cleaner. It is also wise to use a spray because any contact you have with the needles will risk damaging them and once they are damaged they catch on your skin and need replacing. The problem is that most people who use the derma roller also are applying toxic creams containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Copper Peptides etc immediately after skin needling. They are also cleansing their skin with toxic products.

Use a natural product designed for safe transdermal absorption or expect a reaction.The other common problem is that they may have residual sunscreens or moisturisers on their skin from the day, which will also be absorbed. When you use a derma roller any product you apply to your skin will be absorbed up to 10, 000 times more. This can be quite toxic to your body, skin and liver when using a chemical cocktail.

Most vitamin A and Retinol creams cause adverse side effects by themselves. When you add an increased absorption straight into the bloodstream of up to 10,000 times it is not surprising how many people are reporting reactions.

At White Lotus we only recommend using completely natural edible products with skin needling because of the dangers of transdermal absorption. All of the products we use are still highly effective and get great results but will not compromise your health like the standard toxic beauty cream.

Our products are vegan society approved and contain no preservatives or toxic ingredients whatsoever. Furthermore they have been tested on people for thousands of years and are safe to use, the herbs are famous for their natural adaptogenic and antioxidant content. We also use organic green tea oil as a base which has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate skin cells. Check out our fantastic range of serums. 

Vitamin A has been linked to increased liver toxicity and also vitamin A in sunscreen and moisturisers has been shown scientifically to increase the risk of skin cancer. Parabens and sulphates similarly increase this chance which are in the majority of skin care products, these are only a few of sadly many toxic ingredients.(If you can't pronounce it don't use it!)

Synthetic vitamins in high dosages are also very dangerous to your health including vitamin C. Why risk your health for beauty when you can use a genuinely safe product? After ten years of of our clinical skin needling experience we have developed products and home needling protocols which are safe to use. If you have used a derma roller and had a reaction please check: 1) The quality of your roller does it need replacing see video below if unsure 2)What are you cleansing your skin with and using on your skin prior to and after using the roller? See video below if unsure 3) What are you cleaning your roller with? 4) what roller size are you using and what technique are you using? see video below 4) Stop using everything on your skin except really natural gentle products and do not use the roller until your skin settles down. When you try again try with nothing at all or natural products.

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