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Conscious organic care for healthy skin

Conscious organic care for healthy skin

Anti-aging care does not begin when you are aging but begins when you are still young. Taking conscious care of your skin with organic and natural products right from the beginning gives you more than a good chance for it to remain young and supple even as you age. Besides a regular skin regimen supple and smooth skin is achieved when you eat right, exercise and keep away from pollutants. Eating fresh vegetables and fruit provide antioxidants that help to maintain the skin’s texture. If you wish to have clear and beautiful skin then live the organic life, use organic products and live in pollution free environments.

Aging skin and care

While it is natural for everyone to turn old and for the skin to lose elasticity you can keep it under control. Nobody realizes it but stress harms the skin more than you can imagine. When you are young the skin can overcome a drubbing but as age creeps in you need to take care of your skin. Aging skin is not just about when you get old but skin can age as early as 30 years if you do not look after it. You need to have a clear-cut skin care program that means regular organic exfoliation and hydration so that the moisture is retained to keep the skin supple. Using face washes that contain alpha-hydroxy acids or AHA's, which are natural organic fruit acids, helps the skin to renew and repair itself. You also need regular organic facials so that the skin is massaged with the right techniques. 

Organic food for your skin

Certified organic and natural products that use ingredients created by nature are what you should use to feed your skin. This can be honey, cocoa or shea butter, flowers, spices, herbs, fruit etc. Read the labels and buy a test article before you decide on what suits your skin type best. Meditation and relaxation are products that not only refresh your mind and body but the effects show on your skin too. Yoga and breathing pranayama supply oxygen to your skin which helps to keep it glowing and flushed with health.

Organic and natural anti-aging ingredients

Botanical ingredients are being researched to unlock their properties. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian formulations of herbs, minerals and fats are used to enhance and extend the natural beauty of the skin. Leaves, flowers, seeds, nuts and fruit are some of the sources of products that can fight wrinkles and boost the glow of the skin. Bearberry leaves contain skin lightening properties and so it is being used as a natural product that reduces pigmentation. Acai berries are rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols that keep the skin supple and moisturized. Argon oil is called liquid gold for its ability to rejuvenate dull skin. It is the leaves of the tree that have plenty of glycerin so using it keeps wrinkles at bay add to this the fruit durian and your skin will look youthful always.

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