Video - Benefits of silk for anti aging and sleeping with a silk pillowcase
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Video - Benefits of silk for anti aging and sleeping with a silk pillowcase

Silk is the magical anti aging component that every woman out there who cares about her looks should seriously consider. If you have woken up one day with sleep creases on your face, you are sleeping on a wrong pillowcase; it is high time you switched to the magical silk.

As we age, sleep creases take longer to disappear and they may turn into permanent markers, therefore we should not take chances; use a fabric which will not lead to formation of the sleep lines.

Silk may be a small luxury but its benefits are huge, when spun on pyjamas, pillows or sheets it helps in preventing the effects of aging and also relives the skin from certain conditions.

There is available evidence which point out that sleeping on silk pillow cases helps in preventing aging. The fabric has natural proteins and also contains essential amino acids which counter the effects of skin damage.

Additionally the fabric come out so smooth and allows the harmful allergens that may hide in other fabrics to slide away leaving you a clean and comfortable surface to lay your head. The fabric also does not have large spaces where dust and allergens can hide causing irritation to the eyes, skin and nasal passages.
The smooth and silky feeling relaxes the skin, there is less friction against the surfaces meaning that the skin is not hurt, this also prevents the breakages of hair adding on the beauty of having a silk pillow case in your night long sleep.
Silk is a magical fabric, it not takes care of our skin but also slows the aging process ,this is a good reason why any woman out there who cares about staying healthy and young need to have some silk pillowcase to sleep with.