Avoid buying a bad dermaroller  White Lotus

Avoid buying a bad dermaroller

Some people view skincare as a pointless activity that does nothing except for boost the ego of those who already have it inflated too much. It can also be seen as a purely feminine affair that no self-respecting man would engage in.

Both assumptions are wrong! Having clear skin is a series confidence booster. Due to our evolutionary hard-wiring, when we see somebody with skin imperfections such as spots, or blackheads, our subconscious tells us that they are not healthy.

On top of that, clear and healthy skin is also much more comfortable and less prone to catching skin related diseases. One method of maintaining healthy skin is to use the contraption known as the 'derma roller'. One of the key components of making faces look old is the lack a chemical known as 'collagen'.

The more collagen, the younger you will appear. The derma roller can actually increase your skin's natural collagen production by 1000%. That's 10 times more!

The process of using a derma roller is often named 'Microneedling' by sciencey people. And it's a process that can make the skin become more absorbent. Ideal if you're a user of natural anti-aging products. If the idea of pushing needles against your face scares you, it shouldn't!

When the needles are small enough, there is no difference (that you can feel) between using a derma roller, and having a flat surface rolled over you. There are also plenty of other benefits to Microneedling using a derma roller. Many problems that many of us face everyday can be lessened with the help of this gadget. Some of the problems include skin laxity, stretch marks, wrinkles, and scarring.


When buying a derma roller, there are several things you need to bear in mind. Don't just pick the first one off the shelf because you like the colour or the cheap price

Firstly, the length of the microneedle. Too small and it won't induct collagen, but too big and it could be painful and cause unecessary damage to theskin with little benefit.

Second, the needles to be of a high quality. Cheap ones break and bend very easily. Many people approach us trying to sell derma rollers for $2 or $4, these are the common ones you see sold on amazon for $18-$52. If you look closely at them theyare all the same rollers in different colours and boxes, made in all the same sub stanndard factories.

You cant get a good quality, sterile product for that price- Be warned....

Third, they need to be clean, arriving properly sterilised before use like any other needle product.Again cheap dermarollers may say they are on the box but in reality they never are for that price.....If they're not, they might have the opposite effect that you indended.

Fourth Dont fall for the fake ce and FDA labels on cheap derma roller packaging.In reality there are only a couple of companies in the world that have decided to sell a class 11a medical device for medical reasons. If they are a classed as a medical device, these rollers are for medical use and advertised for singe use only and sold to medical practitioners. These rollers have a 4 digit ce mark after the name and the manufacturer should be easily tracked to the governing body that issued it in europe and have full certificates available.

For cosmetic use it is not at all necessary to buy a medical device but you still would like to buy a roller that is produced to the same standards (properly manufactured and sterilised ). Any packaging that says ce on it or fda ( the fda have banned unregistered microneedlng products), run for the hills as they are not genuine and likely to be poor imitations....

Finally, make sure that you're buying from a brand that you know and trust. One particular brand that will guarantee to give you a great quality product is White Lotus.

The use a derma roller

just follow these instructions…

1. Clean the skin that you wish to use the device on.

2. Gently rub in 10 drops of the skin friendly and natural chemical 'White Lotus Serum'.

3. Roll across you skin 10 to 15 times, making sure to do it both horizontally and vertically.

4. Rinse the roller under warm water.

5. Spray said roller with White Lotus Dermaroller Cleaner. 6. Repeat fortnightly. If you want to know more, all White Lotus dermaroller packs include a free DVD with 1.4 hours of instructions.