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Anti Aging Treatments That Work

Each year, people spend billions of dollars on anti-aging products that are either overpriced and ineffective, or (even worse) nothing short of a gimmick in a bottle. The “Fountain of Youth” myth has permeated our culture so deeply that a panic sets in and people run to the stores to spend (or overspend) on beauty products. Marketers have latched onto this hysteria and exploited our aging-crisis by supplying us with a cream, or a spray, or a gel, that will make us look 10 years younger in just one night. Or so they promise. The fact is that none of these products work. And to make matters worse, these concoctions often contain harmful chemicals that exacerbate current conditions. 

Are there any solutions? Or should we just bite the bullet and hope to age gracefully? There is always plastic surgery. But who wants go under the knife only to walk out of the doctor’s office thousands of dollars in debt? But alas, there is still hope! The anti-aging method I am talking about not only works but it also won’t break your bank. The procedure I am referring to collagen induction therapy, or, simply, skin needling. 

So what is skin needling and how does it work? It’s very simple actually. You simply apply a skin roller that has around 200 fine surgical steel needles attached and roll it across your skin. While you are applying it, you are actually creating little punctures in your skin that will stimulate collagen production, which will in turn reduce scars, fine lines and wrinkles, fade stretch marks, and tighten sagging skin. In a nutshell, when your skin is injured, your body repairs itself naturally. By using skin needling therapy, you are creating “micro-injuries” that will then undergo your body’s natural healing process. When these “micro-injuries” heal, it will leave your skin feeling and looking smoother and tighter than it’s ever been.

What is equally exciting about skin needling is that while you can venture to the dermatologist’s office to have a professional perform the procedure, there are websites where you can purchase your own home-kit. White Lotus, a Skin Needling company, sells skin needling products that target specific skin conditions. So whether you are looking to reduce stretch marks, eliminate scars, or are looking for a more premium pack, White Lotus will be able to fulfill all of your needs. What’s more, White Lotus has an array of products that are all based around the premise that natural, organic products have stood the test of time, while synthetic and sometimes toxic merchandise simply does not work. 

If you are still not convinced, do a little research on your own. There are countless testimonials to the effectiveness of skin needling. My suggestion is to head over to YouTube and watch how it’s done. That way you can better familiarize yourself with the process and make a more educated decision on whether skin needling is for you.