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White Lotus Global Distributors

White Lotus is the go-to brand for authentic wellness and organic beauty treatments.

White Lotus is now partnering with local distributors to provide faster more reliable access to the White Lotus products and services for all it customers globally.

For more information or if you are interested in offering White Lotus's products in your local market please contact us directly.

White Lotus Global Distributors

About White Lotus

White Lotus products and services have -

More than a skincare brand White Lotus provides a complete online training and start-up service for clinics across Europe as well as a large range of direct to retail product sales.

Our comprehensive online training platform has allowed White Lotus to prosper throughout the last 2 years with a rapidly growing customer base

The training fees, B2B and B2C product sales provide distributors with multiple proven income streams with high margins

With strong roots in Holistic Asian medicine, White Lotus takes its commitments to the planet very seriously. White Lotus is committed to carbon neutrality and is plastic positive, removing over 2500kg of plastic from the ocean each year which is many times more than we produce.

In line with the value of our largely millennial and generation Z audience, all White Lotus products are organic, vegan, cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types. Our crystal beauty tools are ethically sourced, non chemically treated and come with a unique lifetime guarantee.

Interaction with our audience is critical to our success and White Lotus values this engagement. By looking after our followers White Lotus is able to achieve over 18,000 organic visits to our websites and over 65,000 organic visits to our social accounts every month.

White Lotus beauty distributors

Existing Distributors

Republic of Ireland: Bond Skin Health,


Please contact White Lotus Directly for more information on becoming a global distributor